Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Enigma & The Shadow

We’d been chatting with our good friends, Enigma & The Shadow, on yahoo, and decided to go over to their house on Tuesday. It was the first time since moving to the area that we’d gone over to someone else’s place to play. (For some reason, we always tend to "host"! lol)

After some drinks and catching up, Enigma took Danni by the hand and the girls headed upstairs. The Shadow and I had drinks downstairs for a while until we heard Danni moaning loud enough for the neighbors to hear. We had to see this.

Up in their playroom, we found Enigma and Danni taking turns eating each other’s pussy. Since we missed a good 15 minutes, I give this quote from Enigma as to what happened:

“Let’s just say, it had been a long while since I got girl time and so much nicer than I recall. Had a smile all day Wed.”

We continued watching for another 15 minutes as they continued to work each other’s bodies. Both had been without pussy for about 3 weeks (since Vegas for Danni), and they clearly needed to make up for lost time.

Eventually, Danni mentioned that cock was needed in the room. The Shadow and I looked at each other, smiling, both relived that we weren’t completely forgotten.

Our clothes came off, and the girls immediately went for our cocks. Enigma started sucking on my cock like a pro. Danni, sucking The Shadow, quickly turned things around and had him fucking her. We all took turns fucking, eating and sucking each other (no guy-guy, of course). I had a great time eating Enigma’s pussy while we 69’d. At one point, Enigma turned to me and told me she wanted to taste me. Mmmmm

So she sucked me hard until I had no choice but to cum hard in her mouth.


The Shadow and Danni were still fucking and Enigma asked me (hopefully) if I was done after I had cum. I told her that I was sure she could bring me back to life with that mouth. And she proved me right. Her mouth soon had me hard again, and she got up and started riding my cock.

In the meantime, both Danni and The Shadow were cuming hard. They lay back in the bed, watching Enigma riding me. She felt and looked so good sliding up and down my cock. Danni came over to get a closer view of the action. Enigma turned around and started riding me reverse cowgirl. Danni then dove in, licking both my cock and Enigma’s pussy.

Enigma and I flipped over, and I started fucking her doggie style. I pumped away at her as Danni caressed her wonderful body. Eventually Enigma gave way to Danni, who got on all fours and offered me that wonderfully wet cunt. I jammed my cock into her and continued my doggie style fucking with another wonderful woman (MINE!). We eventually all cried uncle and lay naked, our bodies all sensitive but happy.

We kissed goodnight, knowing we'd see each other in only a few days. House Party!!!

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