Sunday, November 05, 2006


Thanks and All-Hail to the blog! We luv the number of people who contact us to "hookup".

With that said, however, we do NOT entertain single males. Period.

This is Danni's choice as she is more focused on single females and the female 1/2 of a couple. She prefers bi-girls but is more than happy to bring newbie girls over to the "dark side".

Her preference for the male 1/2 of a couple is a guy who knows how to let a woman take control. He will NEVER be displeased, 'cuz Danni is a dominant female like no other.

Now why is this important for you to know? It's all about the girls, fellows. They lead the way.

Me? I'm just happy to be invited along for the ride of my life.

Yours truly in swinging, B

P.S. Sorry for the "break" in posts about our Desire trip, but, hopefully, the guys who read our blog will continue to read (and learn) and enjoy. Feel free to leave comments on our posts. Just don't keep asking to meet us. Thanks for understanding.

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Tomscockwhore said...

I know that Danni likes girls. I like girls. Does Danni like me? I like Danni! Wink wink!!