Sunday, November 12, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Six

Nice nipple, Jiggy! Thanks for sharing!

Thursday at Desire brought more pool time, more drinking, eating, hanging around chatting and watching all the "nekkid" people!

It was also the Annual Halloween Costume Party. We shared a wonderful dinner with two couples we've already "met" and a new couple from Nova Scotia. And, yes, we were a little naughty at dinner. The table game was "share a fantasy", and we heard some real winners! Honestly, I couldn't think of anything that B and I haven't done that I want to do. Awww! Somebody help me think of a fantasy!!!!????!!!!

>pics and names removed by request<

But, oops we missed the actual Halloween Party...darn, we had an orgy instead. Don't ya just hate when that happens? After dinner, we donned our Halloween attire. I was a harem girl and B dressed in his Hugh Hefner pajamas (actually, this is his costume for most themes LOL).

We had agreed at dinner that it was time to really party! So, I picked up my ever-ready toy bag and we headed off to a 6-way at >pics and names removed by request< jacuzzi suite (we introduced them in our previous post). Most of the party can be best described in pictures.

While on our way over, we stopped at the Mosquito Bar just outside the lobby area and ran into David Lee Roth and his hot girl driver, E. Dave and E had introduced themselves to us earlier in the week down by the bar. In fact, we enjoyed some great Lemon Drop shots and some hot kisses, too. Turns out that Diamond Dave and E are nudists from southern CA. Dave sang "Jump" earlier in the week, too, when a band was playing one evening. He was abso-fucking-lutely great!

Did you know Dave is really shaved bald and the blonde locks are just a wig? Hey, he's a very sexxxy bald guy and his girl E is pretty hot, too. We're bummed that we didn't get to hook up with them (they were on their way to the costume contest), but hope to stay in touch! Hell, I've always wanted to fuck Diamond Dave and the added benefit of his sexxxy driver, too...whoo-hoo!

So we finally made it to our 6-way at >pics and names removed by request< suite along with Jiggy and Metal here's our party's story in pictures:

Yeah, we had a single female at the party, too...she wasn't the life of the party, but B claims she was pretty damn good and would do "in a pinch". And, with all the lube he used, she was better than his left hand. LOL
>pics and names removed by request<

I was told that >pics and names removed by request< , although bi-curious, had never tasted pussy before. So when >pics and names removed by request< began to pound her doggy-style, I was more than happy to position myself so that her mouth met my pussy. Who would have ever known she was a novice pussy eater? Hmmm...

Everyone had a blast, but I enjoyed teaching the joys of my double-headed dildo to Jiggy and >pics and names removed by request< . Sometimes mentoring bi-curious girls is such a turn-on!

B had the opportunity to fuck a real girl, not a plastic one! Thanks, Jiggy!

And, I'm not sure how, but at some point I ended up the focus of much attention. While >pics and names removed by request< was eating me out, Metal Man and B decided to give me some boy fun. I sucked on B's wanting cock while Metal Man caressed me and nibbled at my nipples. Ah, it's good to be me!
>pics and names removed by request<

Metal Man gave >pics and names removed by request< quite a slam fucking and Jiggy and I were right there for encouragement. I enjoyed rubbing >pics and names removed by request< clit and Metal Man's balls during the pounding.
>pics and names removed by request<

And, unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the 3-way action with B, >pics and names removed by request< . Again, when B does DP, same hole, I miss it! I was busy getting fucked on the couch from the Metal Man himself. I was beginning to really like those piercings. I heard B vow death to Metal Man several times if I decided B should have his cock pierced. LOL

Eventually, we put our costumes back on and all laid around on the swinging beds outside the lobby area. It was fun to watch the rest of the group as they left the costume party. There were some great costumes!

Some fans of our blog showed us their best sides. So, a big shout-out to the 4 pirates on the bed next to us!

Jiggy wasn't feeling well, so she stayed in. Metal Man, on the other hand, added his "big dick "costume" and joined us outside on the beds.

And, he shared his prowess with every hottie that happened by. Lucky girls!

I even got my turn...oh oh, it doesn't fit!

On to Friday, our last full day in paradise....

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Tomscockwhore said...

I really didn't think it was possible for things to be any better! Damn fun!! So excited and wish I could've been there!