Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanks XtraSpcl Friends for our newest Single G/F! Love, Danni

If you're a couple or single female in the VA-DC-MD area, click on this link to request to JOIN XtraSpclFriends Yahoo! Group:

Here's why: thanks to XSF, we met our newest single g/f, Gin (short for Gin & Tonic, her favorite drink!). We apologize for not posting about Gin until now...but she was worth the wait and so is the story about what happened!

We had an earlier dinner/drinks with a newbie local couple. Very nice couple. But, they already knew we had plans with a single female, so there was no play in mind. We're selfish whores! LOL

Gin drove all the way in from DC to meet us. After some drinks (Gin & Tonics, what else?), we had her sufficiently toasted to have our way with her. After all, this was her first time. With a couple. With a female. WOW! Challenges all the way around!

Gin contacted us via XSF's message board and explained that she felt like she already knew us from reading the blog. Yes, THIS blog. We chatted a bit via Yahoo! Messenger and made a date. In fact, while talking with her, she knew a LOT about us from the blog stories.

As soon as we got her back to the Sex Palace, we all hopped into the jacuzzi (the indoor one)! B and I had discussed that Gin would probably be a bit hesitant with a female, as this was ALL new to her. So, HE was s'posed to make the first move.

Well, being the alpha female that I am, I didn't wait and, yes, made the first move. I sat close to her in the jacuzzi, lightly caressed Gin's face and leaned in for a sensual kiss. She was tentative, feeling her way around another woman (pun intended). Kissing a woman for the first time is an awe-inspiring experience. The first thing you notice is that, girls are so soft. They're lips and face are so smooth, nothing like a man's. Their tongues are so small and darting. And, damn, girls always smell good enough to eat. I silently promised myself to be gentle and go slowly so not to frighten her. We touched each others breasts, and I held her face in my hands while I kissed her softly.

As our kissing became more furtive, Gin surprised me by sliding her hand from my breasts down between my legs. She immediately rubbed my already throbbing clit with her hand and slipped her finger, first one, and then another, into my wanting pussy. Gin HAD read the blog; she knew ALL of the right moves. SHE was pulling a DANNI on me! I reciprocated by fingering her as well. Soon, B joined in, noticing that we were getting along so well!

Our hot 3-way kissing and groping ended with me gasping for air and begging everyone to follow me bed.

I detoured to the kitchen. Gin's fantasy entailed using chocolate sauce. So, her wish was our command! Earlier, we had pulled out our spare mattress, which doubles as an additional play area, and added a black satin sheet. And, cover her in chocolate sauce we did (chocolate fruit dip, actually, it stays on much better than sauce...less drippy). And, then B and I licked and licked and licked to get it all off! Nipples, pussy, ass, everywhere! And a little whipped cream here and there topped it all off.

There was lots of oral play amongst all three of us. I honestly do not remember what or who went where when. I do remember some of my favorite specific moments, B and I both between Gin's legs eating her out and her squirming...I just love when girls do that! AND, I remember when finally Gin pushed me back on the bed and said "my turn". I don't know what I can compare that moment to. I have come to realize that one of my favorite things in the lifestyle is when a woman eats pussy, preferably mine, for the first time.

I want her first experience with pussy to be so wonderful, she'll want to do it again and again and again. And, not just with me, but other women as well. I want her to love how pussy looks; I mean, we don't get to see our own from that angle. Pussy is beautiful. And, everyone of them is unique, like snowflakes.

I want her to crave the taste of pussy juice, her own and other women, too. I want her to lick her lips with her tongue and relish every moment, every drop. I want her to nuzzle pussy and learn use her entire mouth, chin and face. Of course, Gin had the opportunity to learn from B, The Tongue. She asked him for guidance and he told her: you know what you like, just do the same thing. Well, I couldn't have been happier that Gin definitely knows what a woman likes. Cunnilingus extraordinaire!

I was so worked up at this point that I had to pull out the Hitachi Wand and work my clit hard. The evening ended in one of my favorite 3-way positions. B flipped Gin over on her back next to me and prepared to enter her. As I laid there next to Gin, I began kissing and caressing her. I just love when B fucks our g/fs this way. We can both look up deeply into his eyes and watch him fuck us! And, the best part is when everyone cums at the same time.

Chocolate dip, anyone?


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That's some post! I love it. Actually reminded me of some things I forgot…mmmm YUMMY. What a night. So worth the hell of getting there.

the new Single G/F

Anonymous said...

Great post. I just love Gin. Sometimes I even drink it.


Tomscockwhore said...

Sounds delicious