Sunday, September 11, 2005

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by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2 of this couple
We could bore you with details of our hot (daily) sex life...
little things like playing "Roman Baths"...yes, showering together...slathering each other with scented body washes...touching each other in our most intimate places...sucking and stroking and groping...doing nasty things to B makes my pussy dripping, slippery wet and not from the shower water...

OR after the shower...
playing "All Tied Up"...hmmm...I love to tie up B to the ironbed with straps and wrap one around his neck...the more restrained he is, the harder his cock gets. This week I went "over-the-top" and even tied his legs up in the air by the ankles...and used our dual vibrating bullets. One for him and one for me. (Yes, I AM a bit anal. LOL) There's really nothing like sliding up and down on B's cock...slowly, then harder and harder... while our asses our vibrating wildly inside...and he's restrained, not able to move anything.

Being in control and moving his hard cock inside me in just the right spot. Of course, poor B gets splashed madly all over when I cum...squirting ...omigod...what feels like a bucket-full! Needless to say, the bedsheets had to be hung up to dry and the fans turned on so we had a dry place to sleep that night.

Oh, as for our planned House Party this week...between flu, couples breaking up, babysitter issues, unexpected trips out-of-town, Hurricane Katrina and schedule changes, B and I enjoyed the aforementioned "play" all on our own. We can have Sex Parties without another soul in the house!

So, for those who missed out...we'll be at MAC on Saturday Sept 17 and at VA Friends on Fri-Sat Sept 23-24. Give us a shout!