Sunday, September 11, 2005

HWP = Height / Weight Proportionate

These two pics are an example of what is NOT Height / Weight Proportionate. Just in case you weren't sure what that means when you read it on a profile. We appreciate that people come in all shapes and sizes, but even (or especially) as swingers, we DO need to be attracted to others to play. With that said, we are NOT snobs, nor do we require "Ken and Barbie", but come on...this isn't even attractive in the dark.

This is an example if what is HWP. XXOOXX...thanks for letting me vent!

P.S. I'm the one on top! That's D of D&M eating me like a pro! Yummy girl!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yummi yummi
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Many yummi girls there :-)