Monday, September 19, 2005

Uh-oh, I thought it was Fetish Night!

by, Danni

LOL....ok, so my idea if the perfect "Ho" to my B's Hugh Hefner "Pimp" outfit was to wear my fetish leather gear, complete with collar and leash. I know, not your typical "Ho"-ishness. But so empowering!

Well, it was a quiet night at MAC this past Saturday. Maybe everyone is waiting to go to VA Friends next weekend for the Back To School College "Kegger" Party.

So nice that we don't have the limitations on our free private time as some couples kids at home and can come (or is it cum?) and go as we please. We'll be at VAF Fri and Sat 9/23-24. The After Party Orgy will be in our room as usual. If you're interested, give us a shout now at or IM us on yahoo (see if we're online in the right-hand sidebar).

We love to party...the more, the merrier!

But once the door is shut on the Orgy Room,
the DO NOT DISTURB sign is out!

xoxo, Danni

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