Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Golfing Style = Sex Personality

by Danni (the bi-fem 1/2)

Yes, I'm a golfer. I admit it. But our wonderfully, decadent sex life has just gotten in the way of my golf game. My career low 14 Handicap is no more. Hmm....golf or swing party? What's your pleasure? I know my choice!

Well, the other day I happened upon an interesting golf theory: those who fade or slice their shots are likely to be wankers (aka masturbators); those who draw or hook their balls are control-freaks and repressed and not likely to indulge (but are probably into S & M).

Since about 80 percent of golfers fade or slice, that means a golf course would be a great place to advertise our blog...and swinger parties. The only problem is getting approval from the uptight golf course managers who never want to have anything to do with we "swingers"...for fear that it might alienate the uptight Christian Conservative golfers.

I only agree with part of the theory on those who draw or hook the ball. Drawing the ball is my golf style. Yes, I am definitely a control freak...No, definitely not repressed...and only into light S & M! LOL

xoxo, Danni

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