Monday, January 03, 2011

Take the red pill

By Danni (BiF)

Waxing philosophical, I ask you, dear readers, would you opt for truth over ignorance? Would you really choose to live a routine, mundane reality? Or, would you choose to be free?

I have recently given a great deal of thought about the red pill versus blue pill choice offered by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) to Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the first movie of The Matrix trilogy and how similar it is to turning people, vanilla people, onto the world of swingers.

In the swinging lifestyle, taking the “red pill” will open your mind, your body and your soul, to see life as it could be, as it should be, while the “blue pill” will keep the blinders on, allowing you to believe the lies society tells you about morality. Blah, blah, blah. The red pill will help you “stay in Wonderland and show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

William Irwin, author of The Matrix and Philosophy, described the red pill as the new symbol of bold choice, adding that most people would pick the red pill if given the choice. These questions about humanity date back to early Greeks; both Plato and Aristotle wrote about it.

I may have found my life’s new mission: giving people the choice, the choice to take the red pill.

So, why the philosophy lesson? It’s a new year.

The hotel takeover for New Year’s Eve at Virginia Friends was a blast: meeting new friends (with benefits, of course), touching - and touching base - with old friends, groping and grinding on all of the hot chicks (both B and I) … and cocks (just me)!

If the last day of 2010 was any indication, 2011 will prove to be an amazing year… at least in the lifestyle department, and it has renewed my faith in the red pill that B and I took when we first met.

I got to the hotel early to set up… air mattresses, soft and sexy covers on the furniture, music, candles, black-lights and coolers full of adult beverages, including champagne… all the ingredients for a successful after-party.

I also got to the hotel early as I had scheduled a massage with the incomparable Rocco (previous post)... my new boy toy. Yes, I – the self-affirmed “smack dab in the middle of the Kinsey Sexual Behavior Scale” bi-female – have gone cock crazy. And, it’s all my sweet Rocco’s fault.

As he entered the hotel with his massage table, several people stopped him hoping to confiscate a hot massage for their own decadent purposes. But, Rocco had a single purpose on this day: to please his Goddess. Me {blush}!

When he got to our room, we chatted for the longest time. Clothes on, feeling our way through the obvious electricity in the air between us. Talking about our lives and lifestyles and how different they were.

Now, remember, Rocco is a professional massage therapist, and we’d done nothing more than enjoy a business relationship. We’d texted back and forth afterward, but nothing more. I thought he deserved to know how he made my body tingle and my pussy quiver with desire. Red pill mode.

I don’t think Rocco knew exactly what he was getting himself into meeting me away from his everyday job. Blue pill mode.

I wasn’t exactly sure what would happen, either.

As he set-up his table, I slipped into the bathroom to remove my clothes and put on my robe. Rocco went into the bathroom as I slithered my nakedness under the sheet on the table, face down into the head cradle. Very respectable, just like at the spa. Except, I asked him to use my favorite lube, Eros, in place of regular massage oil. (Red pill inside my head was screaming at me!!!!)

The massage started innocently as it had before, Rocco working my back and neck. Then came that incomparable move that still – even as I write this – sends shivers down my spine directly to that warm, moist place between my legs. As Rocco worked first my right arm and them my left from shoulder to wrist, he slipped his hand into mine. His warmth breath was again in my ear.

In my “blue pill” consciousness, I know this is to massage the hand and fingers while he kneads the muscles in my back. This time, I let “red pill” mode take over, and I wrapped my fingers around his and clasped his hand tightly. The electricity was palpable.

Even the manner in which he maneuvered the release of our clasped hands was exquisite ecstasy.

Then he moved to my legs. Long, soulful strokes. Very professional. Until the pressure became a bit more intense, and his hands moved ever farther up my thigh, my inner thigh, until his fingers lightly brushed against the outside lips of my pussy.

I felt myself let out a little moan.

Rocco then moved away from a now very wet pussy and massaged my feet, first one, then the other. As he did, he very lightly kissed and nibbled my toes. I knew there was no going back; I wasn’t sure about him, but I had hit the point of no return.

His strong hands moved ever more intensely, back up my legs to my ass, working the muscles. I was lost. I never even realized that I had grabbed the table’s head rest and raised my ass up while he continued massaging.

I turned my head slightly to catch my breath and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the wall, only then realizing the convenient position of the massage table. What I saw next was better than the best porn I have ever seen. Rocco leaned over my ass, spreading the cheeks and began to lightly massage my cunt with his tongue. While I watched.

I began to writhe on the table, moans had turned to guttural, incomprehensible screams. It was then that my free hand sought him out. What I felt through his jeans amazed me. The bulge in Rocco’s pants was a much-unexpected surprise. The man should BE in porn!

He is slight of build, so I did not expect this. The muscles in his thighs and the size of his now fully erect cock struggling against the denim fabric were beyond anything I had ever felt.

I feverishly rubbed his cock through his jeans with my hand. He pulled off his shirt; it was getting very warm in the room. The man is an Italian Adonis, although the statues of Adonis do not remotely represent the cock I had just felt in my hand.

Rocco moved away from my hand. I was still unable to put my face back into the cradle; I could not look away from the mirror. It was then that he climbed up on the table between my legs while I was still on my stomach. He lifted my ass even further toward his face and dived in.

If anyone had walked by our room at that moment, they would have heard sounds that humans just do not make. I held onto the cradle for dear life; it seemed that Rocco had no intention of letting my pussy go from his sucking and licking.

Nevertheless, he did let go. I dropped back to the table. As I lifted my head and turned to look at him, he leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. His lips were only slightly wet with my juices as he had drunk me in.

He then, very professionally, asked me to roll over so he could continue the massage on the front on my body. {insert SCREAM here}

As I rolled over, he attempted to – really, he did – continue the massage. But I leaned off the table, grabbing his throbbing cock and biting it through his jeans. He bent forward to my pussy and began to massage my clit with his tongue and slipping in fingers just enough to drive me mad with desire.

I removed his belt and unzipped his jeans, touching the skin of that glorious cock for the first time. I roughly pulled his pants down so I could wrap my mouth around him. I sucked him while he ate my pussy. Try as I might, I could not get him all the way in my mouth. I still had a good hands-length wrapped around the shaft, but his cock loved it. I could feel it throbbing and growing even harder.

I’m not sure how but we finally moved from the table to the bed. Whispering softly in my ear, he asked me if he could fuck me. I grabbed him hard and said, “Yes, please.”

What transpired after that was oblivion. I had an out-of-body experience that my body still cannot comprehend. I have no idea how long we fucked nor in what position. I do remember snippets.

I remember rubbing his cock between my much-lubed breasts (and not sure how the lube got there). He came deep and hard in my pussy after what seemed an eternity of fucking. Sweetly, he told me that was probably that. However, he never went limp. I sucked him back to a full erection, and he stroked his cock, fingering me to a squirting orgasm, and then ejaculating his own warm cum all over my tummy. I squirted a few more times while riding his cock. No, he still was not done.

I remember sitting on the bed with legs entwined and stroking his cock with my feet. And, his kisses made me melt. Very sexy.

At some point, he had to go, grabbing a quick shower to wash off the scent of sex. We kissed good-bye, and he left. I realized that since falling in love with B, Rocco was my first guy one-on-one.

I shared few details with B when he finally arrived at the hotel for the actual New Year’s dance. Speaking it aloud could not do justice to the sensuality of the experience. I've not experienced such chemistry since meeting B. It is a good thing.

Sexual electricity is not something that should be denied. When it is, people are miserable. They kick their dogs, scold their children, yell at their spouses, drink or do drugs to excess, do poorly at work. Just look at Congress of evangelical Christians to prove my point….but that’s another story for another day.

So, take the red pill. Open your mind. Enjoy life. And, enjoy the lifestyle which leads to less disease, divorce and depression. Just saying.

Now, how do I reach the millions of women (and many men) nationwide who’ve been socialized since they were in diapers to be prudish and taught the whole sex-is-bad/evil/dirty shit? And, it is just that. Shit.

I’m pondering some more on that question.

I had such fun at the actual New Year’s dance/party and the after-party in our suite. I was so stoked. Great orgasms just make me energized. And, the lube made my skin feel like satin all night long. Everyone kept touching me; it was heaven.

To usher in another chapter in our lives, B and I exchanged unlimited hall passes to enjoy one-on-one play activity. Only rule is, we don’t lie about it, and we share the details, which is very HOTTT in and of itself! I’m working to pimp him out!

Since we have done so many multiple girl activities, B had also over the years offered me a MFM. I never wanted one. The only DP I’ve ever done was with two girls until recently when B and another girl DP’ed me.

On our way home from New Year’s, he asked if I was ready now. I said, “Yes, please.” When he asked who I wanted, I said, “Rocco.”

We had not enjoyed a VA Friends party in over a year, and damn it was good to get back in the saddle again. B will have to add more to the story, because I’m spent from thinking about the pre-party. I’m wet again just trying to remember the details to write this for you.

Already looking forward to the Valentine’s “Lady in Red” party with VA Friends and more house parties at the Sex Palace South.

I wish you hall passes for everyone – and red pills – in 2011!


Anonymous said...

bdayyyyyyum, girl! What a great post! Glad you're "back in the saddle." I think New Year's would have been too crowded a place for me to ease back in...Fiama

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog, I'm ready to take the red pill!! But wait, does this mean that since I read your story & became so hot by it, I've just taken the red pill?