Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Squirting Solo

By Danni (BiF)

The door is open. Wide open, so it seems. A male friend sought me out on SwingLifeStyle in the hopes of attending another House Party, with or without a female companion. And in my quest for cock, I not only said yes, I also not-so-subtly asked if he would be interested in a boy-toy position. Quite possibly a recurring role, too.

Hand Solo, the only single guy to ever some to the Sex Palace South, came again last night. Truly solo. B was out of town, so I messaged for his approval and received the answer I hoped for. YES!!! It was all I could do to sit through dinner and a work event with a vanilla female friend. Whenever the conversation turned to her sex life (finally getting it again after years of NOTHING, not even toys!), I felt my pussy engorge with juices. I needed to get home...

Solo had given me his mobile number. And after saying a quick hi via text, he sent me this shot of his beautiful cock...while in the middle of a meeting at my office earlier during the day. A very vanilla office. I was wet the rest of the day. I remembered that cock from the first time we met; a play couple brought him to meet us with our then single girlfriend. Solo and I actually chatted about the encounter when he came over last night for a very late booty call. Sin D. Licious (Rob Blow's hottie wife) had been sucking him while on her knees, and I - ever the aggressor - took advantage of her fluffing and hopped on, riding him hard as he leaned back on the leather couch.

Solo remembered our fucking, too, and enjoyed recent blog posts about taking the red pill and opening myself to pleasures in the lifestyle with single guys that I had not enjoyed thus far. My focus has always been girls. In fact, some parties went by without a single cock near me. Solo was worried that Rocco - my sexy massage therapist - had set the bar too high for any other boy toy to come (cum) close.

Solo had nothing to worry about as it turned out. I grabbed a quick shower, lighted candles and started some music when I got home, texted him I was waiting... and met him at the door what seemed like only minutes later...with naked anticipation in just a robe. We chatted and shared a beer to get reacquainted. I would have just as soon jumped him in the hallway.

After learning of Solo's fun play in the lifestyle and his success in making non-squirters squirt, I was intrigued. I've been one of the lucky girls in the world to add that level of orgasm in my repertoire. I even have a squirting video if I can find convince our friends John and Allie of Swingercast to repost it online.

I very quickly asked Solo why he was still dressed. And the booty call was on! I left the room for a moment to slip out of my robe, then walked back into the living room fully naked in front of the porn on the big TV. I dropped to my knees in front of Solo who was stroking his cock. I slid my body - especially my very sensitive breasts - up and down his chest and across his cock, moving between kissing him hard on the mouth and licking his cock. I wanted to suck him until he could stand it no more. I sucked his balls into my mouth swirling my tongue, slipping my tongue deeper between his legs to the root of his cock back, back toward his ass. I love to feel a man grow harder and harder while in my mouth or my hands. And I love to look up into his eyes - intensely - with my curly red hair in my green eyes, so he can see the extreme pleasure I have while pleasuring him. (I know, I know. I watch too much porn, but I do what I like done to me... girls or guys!)

Finally, he begged to taste me. I rose, took his hand and led him to the bedroom that B and I share. I laid down on the black satin sheets on my back, legs spread wide and inviting. Solo slipped quickly between my legs with hands holding my legs open. He dove his tongue into my pussy and nuzzled my clit feverishly. I reached my hands above my head holding onto the side of the bed and relished in the attention. His hands moved under my ass grabbing both cheeks, drawing his face deeper and deeper into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his neck holding on for dear life, savoring every moment.

Then he drove his cock into me, deep to reach my favorite spot. Solo's cock has a perfect curve for thrusting. I moaned and squealed with delight like a little girl in a candy shop. I wanted to ride that cock and asked him - between breathless squeals - to get on his back.

I mounted him. I love to slip a cock into my drenched pussy and watch it slide in and out. That is the most beautiful site imaginable and is only rivaled by watching two or more girls fondle and fuck. Holding his hands and rising to my feet, I slammed my pussy down hard, doing squat thrusts on his rock-hard cock, until he had me squirting like a geyser. We were both splashed all over. The orgasm was so intense that I was lifted off his cock. (made me think of Mentos and Coke afterward)

My dance instructor would have been proud of her student. When I was able to mount Solo once more, I rocked back and forth on his cock with pelvic thrusts worthy of the hottest Mediterranean bellydancer. It did not take long to make him cum with those movements. Must have been doing them right. :-)

I love to make a man's like applause. And when they do it with the extreme of Solo, all the better. He is a generous boy toy. And I like that. While his cock was done for the evening (after all, it was very late and he'd worked a very long day), he took time to ensure I was pleasured in every way possible. I will vouch for his acumen with his magical fingers. the man was not making idle boasts. Just like B, it's as if he had another cock. I squirted so many times, we lost count. The bed was soaked. Our bodies were soaked. And I licked my figners to enoy the sweet taste of my own cum mingled with Solo's.

We cuddled a bit until the wetness was too cold to be sexy, then dressed and kissed good-bye. I slept in another bed. Hopefully, the sheets will dry before B arrives home. Or not.

Yes, Solo's already "sexted" me another aroused cock shot today. This one from his desk at work. Bad boy! 

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