Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Toys, New Friends

Guest Post By Danni’s New Boy-Toy, aka The Muffin Man

I had the pleasure of meeting Danni and B at a local pub one evening recently. I had been emailing Danni for a week and was pretty excited at the prospect of making some interesting new friends.

Upon arrival, it was clear that Danni and I were attracted, and the energy was strong between us. B and I chatted briefly until he was comfortable. Then he left Danni in my hands.

Danni and I proceeded to discuss the weekend's events and the lifestyle in general. Although I am a newbie, per se, I am confident that I want to swallow the red pill (Danni's post on red pill vs. blue pill)...only time will tell. ;)

We both agreed it was time to head to my place at the beach and get better acquainted...the sexual energy was intense, and we wasted no time embracing each other and kissing to break the ice.

After some heavy petting and long kisses we moved things to my bed where unnecessary clothing (i.e., everything ;)) was quickly shed, and we held each other close to warm up on a very cold winter's night.

It didn't take long before I was turned on beyond expectations and rock hard with anticipation. As I moved my body on top of Danni, and we locked in a sensual embrace, we kissed each other passionately and indulged our naked bodies against each other.

When neither of us could stand it any longer, I slid my now engorged cock inside Danni's exquisite pussy.

Words cannot describe the feeling and what ensued between us. It didn't take long before I mentioned how much I enjoy licking and sucking pussy. Being the pleaser she is, Danni offered her perfectly shaven pussy to me, and I proceeded to indulge myself.

After 20 minutes or so I had to feel my cock inside her again. Oh, but first I needed to tongue that pretty ass of hers... love that ass. ;) Danni's response was wonderful, and I was so turned on that I had to be back inside and proceeded to thrust deep until I came deep inside her glorious pussy.

Did I mention the countless times she squirted? What an amazing feeling...:)

I was so turned on that my cock barely took a break and was engorged yet again. After some very pleasurable fluffing she hopped on my rigid shaft and proceeded to ride me for all I was worth. We kissed passionately for what seemed the entire time we fucked. And we fucked until Danni had squirted on me so many times that the sheets were soaked.

By the time either of us had the presence of mind to look at the clock it was after 11, and we had literally been fucking for over 3 hours! At this point, I was exhausted and my cock was put away wet and tired from hours of thrusting.

Danni is a wonderful woman and promised to help me find my very own slut. :)

I can only hope. In the mean time the red pill is going down and life is good. ;)

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