Monday, January 31, 2011

Trinity, Neo and the Red Pill

By Danni (BiF 1/2 of this lifestyle couple)

B and I rarely meet a couple one-on-one anymore but made an exception for an exceptional new couple, dubbed Trinity and Neo for their desire to take the red pill and dive head-long into the lifestyle. After a very sexy, naughty dinner and drinks out (even discretely passing her lacey panties to B), we took the party back to our place....and locked the door so they couldn't escape.

We must admit to being very busy in the lifestyle recently between single females, single males, couples, meet-n-greets and full blown parties. And, we've tried our darnedest to take pictures more. This night, we were really in luck because our l'objet de d├ęsir was very photogenic. Trinity stayed attired in her tight lace-up corset, thigh-highs and Matrix-like boots. And, me? I left my favorite fuck-me boots on all night!

So, we will take a break from writing and let you judge for yourself...

As you can see, we had a fantastic time and hope to partake in their sexiness again soon... and get them into one of our house parties. I finished the evening off with a "foot massage" for my wonderful hubby.

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