Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glory Holes and VIPs

By Danni (BiF ½ of this lifestyle couple, Danni and B)

Having never bothered to do a themed house party before, my obsessive-compulsive, anal-retentive (pun intended) self prepped the Sex Palace South as never before. The theme: Viva Las Vegas!

In addition to the usual blow-up mattresses and more solid bean bag beds here and there, each bedroom became a theme room. A Blacklight VIP room complete with space for lap dances. A soothing, softly lighted blue room. And our bedroom... The King's Lair.

Other stimulating additions to the party included over-the-top Vegas-styled decorations, including vibrating life-like cocks attached to the walls. And, my B’s personal favorite, a most awesome Glory Hole (or Glory Slit, in our case, conducive to any height male or female and girls could enjoy it as their own personal behind-the-curtain play scene. No bi-guy stuff, though!).

I pulled out my arsenal of toys and added a “Tools” section to the main play area. Strap-ons, pocket rocket vibes, lube, condoms, dildos, you name it. Oh, and latex-free surgical gloves. Whoa!

My outfit was a white feathered g-string with matching see-through robe, stripper heels, neck and ears dripping with flashy faux jewels and a smile. Always a smile. I greeted the party-goers at the door (behind the door, actually, to avoid strange looks from neighbors) with "Welcome to the Bunny Ranch."

Our house guests included: new friends with benefits, Onya and Ramone ("Da Bone"), who we recently met at one of our own private Meet & Greets and enjoyed immensely at New Years Eve, too; Hand Solo (my most recent boy-toy) brought the Virgin Princess; Ringo brought his lovely wife, NiceAss (it took this party to finally come up with names for them); and our stable of house party regulars: Charlotte and Jr, Storm and Wolverine, Ginger and Fred and our hot out-of-towners, Giving (F) and her hubby, More (M).

Unfortunately, we found out the day after the party that another new couple came late to the party and were unable to gain entry in our building. Bet they're early next time! Hope so! Meow. Red pill.

The party started differently from our normal, non-themed ones. I insisted that B keep his clothes on, greet people from an upright position and facilitate the floor show after everyone arrived. And as all good Vegas events begin, the party began with entertainment of the sexy kind. Ginger graced us with a sampling of her bellydance expertise with nipples exposed, surrounded merely with a beautiful ... squirrel, oh sorry, lost my train of thought...

Later, I learned that – before the floor show – Ginger had been on her knees in the kitchen sucking her hubby Fred and my hubby B both at the same time. She loves that!

Within minutes of her sexy, sultry and seductive dance number with those gyrating hips, the clothes began to fly off, and we got down to the serious business of a swingers party. Immediately, a little four-way fondling occurred.

Then B took Ginger to the couch and fucked her, in his words, “every which way” while she sucked her hubby’s cock. Eventually Ginger got up, dragging B and Fred by their cocks to the VIP room. She took turns with them, filling each end, alternatively fucking and sucking. (Dragged, yeah, right!)

At some point, the big black cock (dildo) attached to the wall was taken into the VIP room and used on Ginger. She liked it so much she took it home for practice. Finally Fred could be heard saying “fuck my wife and cum inside her” to B. As I walked into the room, B had risen to the occasion and completed the request with extreme delight.

The Virgin Princess, a long, tall, leggy piece of blond eye candy, should win the prize for Most Adventurous. As a virgin to not just house parties but the lifestyle itself, she dove in feet first and laid the groundwork for what we hope are many enjoyable parties with her to cum. Our house parties are not for the faint of heart or casual players. While we do enjoy cocktail party-style socializing early in the evening and a brief intermission with chit-chat and food to rebuild stamina around midnight, our parties are for play.

Virgin, girlfriend, you have an open invitation and I do mean OPEN! Anytime!!!

We do apologize for leaving any of our friends out of what follows; sex parties tend to focus our attention on what's going on in front of us, under us, on top of us, within arm's length of us. So, hopefully, our faithful followers who partook of sexy play will help fill in the blanks.

That's one Bad Kitty there... Charlotte showed up in latex and leather slut attire.

B took Ginger to the Glory Hole/Slit and reversed the usual roles, telling B to get inside. She bent over with her pussy between the slit of fabric so B could have full access to her. He said he had no idea what was going on over on the other side and thought perhaps Ginger was blowing someone again.

Onya (aptly named as she is always ON YA!) and her hubby Ramone paired off with me. Onya is very bi and simply loves eating my pussy for some reason. And she has got mad skills, too. After some intense munching of pussy, I asked Onya for permission to ride Ramone's cock. So, flip, and I was riding him with my usual fervor. Hips grinding. Holding hands. Up on my feet doing squat thrusts. Ramone had not a chance. The crowd stood back knowing what came next. I squirted all over Ramone, drenching him, Onya and the mattress. Several times.

Solo was one of the spectators and I heard him say, "Been there; oh, I saw that coming," as he provided me with a towel to cover poor, lucky bastard Ramone.

After seeing that Virgin was in good hands and lots of them, Solo and I slipped off to the King's Lair for some quick one-on-one fluffing time. (I think surgical gloves may even have been used, but I’ll never tell.)

Since the guys all think they’re competing with Rocco, my hot massage therapist and boy-toy, Solo offered a massage immediately, laying me face down on the satin-covered bed, working my sore sex party muscles. He's damn good, too.

Solo got up and located the Virgin, asking her to join in. I was in ecstasy. A hot new girl to introduce to the bi experience and a boy-toy, too. I licked and nibbled and fingered Virgin's dripping wet pussy while Solo was serviced by her eager mouth. First cock, then kiss, then cock, then kiss.

The Virgin, who confessed later to experimenting with girls years ago in college, was a great kisser. B and I both enjoyed her soft lips and darting tongue at varying times during the night.

Someone, not sure who, suggested a strap-on. So I donned my Barbie pink harness, pulled it tight across my hips and stroked my cock while applying lube. In case you didn't know, I am simply green with penis envy. When I put that cock on, my whole demeanor changes. It just seems so natural. After squirting, my mouth is extremely dry, so before using the strap-on, I trotted from the bedroom through the main play area, naked except for my permanent hard-on. Too funny!

The Virgin continued to kiss Solo, holding him tightly. I teased her with the pink cock, slapping her clit with it, slipping just the head in and then pulling out quickly to stimulate her g-spot, finally thrusting in deeply with my "guy" muscles so Virgin could feel the full effect of my big pink, veined cock.

I leaned in close while thrusting, kissing Virgin deeply, sharing furtive kisses with Solo in a three-way embrace. What a beautiful thing. I know the exquisite difference between fucking live and inanimate cocks. So, after applying my skills for a while, I eventually stopped and asked Solo if he'd ever fucked two girls at once. With glee, Solo said no but he'd like to with my permission. Good answer. Good boy-toy.

I quickly cast off the strap-on onto the floor, straddled the Virgin and guided Solo's cock into my eager, wet pussy. While Solo thrusted his cock first into me, then the Virgin, then back again, she and I kissed and nuzzled each other.

Eventually, I extracted myself and allowed time for Solo and the Virgin to have their own private playtime. As I've said before, sex parties are like buffets to me. I have to try a little bit of everything in the short time allotted. :-))

Late in the party, More (M) and NiceAss had slipped away to the VIP room. As the ever gracious hostess, I made the rounds of the rooms to check on inhabitants and their state of bliss and happiness. Not having had the opportunity to play with NiceAss other than to grope and Danni-handle her while socializing, I eased myself onto the bed, sliding in next to a bit of missionary sex with More on top. I caressed both of them while they fucked, enjoying the sight, the sounds, the smells. After a while, More pulled out and moved up to straddle NiceAss' face for some cock-sucking. I moved in for her chance to taste NiceAss' pussy. Without giving away too many of my girl-play secrets, I did use my special method that involves rotating fingers inside against the g-spot and alternately licking, then stroking the clit hard with my chin. That drives women wild.

As is our custom, B and I always end our parties together. After some guests left, the main party floor mattresses were empty. B was seated on the couch with Onya between him and Ramone, both of them groping her. Naked I walked in and plunked down in the middle of the mattresses beckoning B to cum over with what he calls my “fuck-me eyes." B said he’d like to play but his sucked and fucked cock was drained dry, or so he thought.

So he instructed me to play with myself and put on a show. He said he couldn't believe it, that I actually paid attention for a change and complied.

I laid back on the mattress, spread my legs wide and began to stroke my hand along the outside of a vey wet cunt, allowing my fingers to spread and expose my swollen clit. Then I thrusted my fingers deep inside, slapping the palm of my hand against my pussy lips and clit. I was told it was a wonderful sight. Despite having porn on the huge screen behind me, I felt all eyes were on me. B’s cock had once again arisen to the occasion and he took the opportunity to fuck his slut wife.

After fucking for a while, we switched places. I hoped on top and rode him, then moved up to sit on his face and enjoy that Gene Simmons-length tongue. B used two free fingers and beckoned to Onya to join us. She complied by coming over and sucking B’s cock while I rode his face. B claims I saw a bright, shiny object go by (male or female, who knows), got up and wandered off.

Onya proceeded to suck B dry, draining his balls, despite his claim of being in “I need a break” mode. Onya has a perfect record. She’s 3 for 3. If she sucks ya, she swallows ya. At least in B’s case. He does have very tasty cum; I can vouch for that.

Afterthought: the doors to all of the theme rooms remained open at all times, a sign of a successful party and a very comfortable group of swingers. Next party can't get here soon enough.

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