Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girls girls everywhere

By Danni (BiF half of Danni and B)

Recently, dear readers, you've noticed my cock craze. Well, as luck would have it, we were contacted by not one, but two, old female friends interested in making our reacquaintance. One, a local wife of a former lifestyle couple. The other, visiting from outside of the U.S.; she now lives in another country with her foreign husband.

I have certainly not forgotten my bi-ness or our love of FMFs (or for us, also known as, FFMs), so I made arrangements on back-to-back nights to entertain these lovely ladies.

In appreciation of their married situations, our lips are sealed and discretion will be maintained.

They can add more, if they're care/dare to....

Danni and B entertain select bi-girls. We know how to treat ladies. Accepting Applications now. ;-)

However, I still have not done a MFM with B and another guy. Decisions, decisions.... So many cocks from which to choose.

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