Monday, January 31, 2011

Niagara Falling

By B of Danni and B (the male ½ of this lifestyle couple)

I think we’ve really found our groove with our Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) afternoon gatherings which, so far, always turn into evening fun.

As we’ve done a few times before, we agreed to have a little gathering of old and new friends at a local bar. We requested our regular sexy waitress. She’d served our last party and we felt she had a pretty good idea what we were all about. Danni even had a private conversation with her, checking to see if we might feed her a red pill. Unfortunately, she’s a bit young and not ready to cross over to our world.

We enjoyed some drinks, some food, and some sexy conversation. Danni tends to work the room, while I prefer holding court at one of our tables, enjoying a sexy woman on each side of me, enjoying some mutual massage and fondling.

After a few hours at the bar, almost everyone decided to head to our place. I gave a quick tour of the house to people that were new to the place, and quickly got back to group.

While Spitfire was broken below the waist, due to some recent surgery, she well understands that sex starts between the ears. To prove that she understands that concept, she got on her knees, pulled out my cock and started sucking me furiously (get it? Between the ears?) . We soon moved her off of the hardwood floor, and I sat back on the couch and let her continue on my cock. I felt bad that I couldn’t reciprocate but promised to return the favor as soon as she was able.

Ringo and NiceAss were sitting on a nearby couch, so we moved over so that we could have the girls next to each other. Always nice watching girls on their knees doing what they do so well. Danni had done a quick “drive-by” sitting that beautiful pussy on Ringo’s face before moving on to other guests.

J (F) of J and R earned their new name at this party: she is the Cum Queen and he is Woody (as in Harrelson; Danni loves bald heads!)

The Cum Queen saw how hard I was, and came over, after all of Spitfire’s fluffing, and sat right down on my hard cock. She stalks out the cum-filled, hard cocks in the party, and I guess that I was the first in a long line of cocks that she’d experience that night (hence, her new name). She rode me for a while, and the couch we were on kept sliding along the floor. I was afraid that we’d eventually slam into the wall (as I did with Slick in years past). So I moved the Cum Queen onto one of the mattresses and got on her and fucked her some more. She demanded that I cum and while it was only 7:15 (yes, I got caught looking at the clock), I blew my load deep into that tight pussy. Can’t believe that bitch made me cum so early. ;-)

Her focus of attention later in the evening was Hand Solo and Wolverine for a three-way. Solo certainly got a workout!

I got up to check out the situation. Danni was eating out our newest “new-meat” Niagara, Hand Solo’s date. (Kudos, Solo!) Apparently she’d been squirting a ton already, since the mattress she was laying on was a much darker shade of blue. She looked so tasty, so I hopped in and helped Danni eat that soaking wet pussy. Later, Danni shared with me that she’d fisted Niagara... her very guilty pleasure!

I went to grab a drink to refresh and talk to a few of the other sexy ladies. Most were pretty busy sucking and fucking. Storm was fucking Ringo hard, and the Cum Queen was hopping on every hard cock she could grab. NiceAss was fucking Wolverine, and my wonderful slut Danni was working on Hand Solo in the master bedroom.

The Virgin (whose name really has to change by now!) rang the doorbell, showing up late, and but quickly joined in. She was wearing a sexy tight corset and before the rest of the crowd got to her, I spent some nice time kissing and holding her. As much as I would have liked to fuck her right there and then, I was still recuperating and figured she didn’t need to start the party fluffing some guy into round two.

Wolverine enjoyed attention from his wife, Storm, and the Virgin... lucky guy!

Later, Danni described to me how she used him as a piece of workout equipment, making him cum hard despite his pleas for mercy so late in the evening. That's my Danni!

And Storm enjoyed lots of attention from the very busy Hand Solo with and without Wolverine's able assistance.

But it wasn’t long after that when Niagara arose and we found ourselves together. I was sitting on the couch, and Niagara got between my knees and began sucking me. She had me hard very quickly and took her time with my cock, expertly stroking and sucking me.

I soon laid her back and spread her legs. I wanted to return to eating that wonderful pussy, without Danni hogging most of it. I enjoyed licking her pussy, sucking on her clit, tongue fucking her and rubbing her g-spot. She came over and over, squirting everywhere. Danni could hear the splashing from across the house.

Niagara and I laid together on one of the mattresses for a good long time, talking and getting to know each other. I would rub her tight little body, casually exploring her breasts, her ass, her arms and legs. And, of course, every once in a while, I would see if her pussy was receptive to more attention. A few times I would move back down to eat her, other times I would simply finger fuck her. Every time, she squirted hard. In fact, at one point, Danni had laid down next to us, talking and cuddling, and I started to finger Niagara. She squirted so hard that all three of us were soaked from head to toe. Oops, sorry honey.

Storm and Ringo came out of one of the bedrooms. Ringo looked like he just finished a marathon. I mentioned that to Storm, and she confirmed that he HAD been through a marathon. Way to go, guys! I cuddled with Storm for a little bit. Apparently I was the only guy she hadn’t gotten to tonight. But we were both fine with it, since we’d spent a lot of time together at the last party and would certainly have quality time together soon.

After about four naked hours, the party started to break up. I had heard NiceAss asking about how she could get more mentions in this blog, which leads me to share some insider information.

When we write these posts, Danni and I generally collaborate together. Often, the stated author of the post writes the original text and then the other one adds his/her experiences. And Danni ALWAYS handles the pictures/graphics. But all we can do is to write about what we experience, or what we see around us. And honestly, when we’re fucking, we’re not really paying attention to much other than our immediate surroundings.

So, if you want to get a significant mention in the blog, YOU HAVE TO FUCK THE HOST and/or HOSTESS. Hint, Hint, wink, wink. We’ll try our best to at least mention that you’re at the party, but don’t you want to get a good paragraph or two? Or, even better, a picture?

There’s lots of opportunities for you to get a full narrative, and if you’re really special, maybe even get a headline (and I mean REALLY special).

The upcoming weekend, should be VERY interesting (and busy). Stay tuned. I know we’re looking forward to it.

P.S. I woke up around 7am the next morning, way too early to start a Sunday, but saw my sexy Danni laying next to me. So I spread her legs and shoved my hard cock into her, violating her until I came hard into the greatest pussy in the world. We went back to sleep. But at around 9am, Danni woke up and started sucking my cock. She quickly had me hard again. I told her that I’d just fucked her a little while earlier and that she’d get lock jaw before she’d get me to come. I guess that was a challenge and she worked my cock and balls, taking no time to get me to blow my load into that perfect mouth, and down her welcoming throat.

Life really is good.

P.S.S. Danni went shopping for shoes, a sexual thing for her. Got 8 pair of them. She had a great day too, lol.

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