Saturday, January 29, 2011

Afternoon Delight

By B (the str8 male 1/2 of Danni and B)

We held another one of our “afternoon delight” gatherings at a local pub. A sexy combination of our regular play friends and new couples joined us for a few hours of drinks and naughty conversation. Our sexy waitress sure got an earful. Too bad she was unable to get off of work so that she could “get off” with us.

Apologies in advance for not taking pictures. We'll try to do better at future parties. ;-)

It was time to head to the Sex Palace South, so we braved the cold air and all headed to our place. Our guests at this party included regulars Storm with Wolverine and Giving (F) with More(M); Hand Solo brought a sexy newbie be named Reese; and the Virgin Princess’ Prince was due to arrive in a few hours.

New couples: JandR, and CandR joined the party. 7 couples, 14 people. A nicely sized crowd. Big enough to have options, small enough to be able to get around to sample all of the offerings. No names as yet picked out for these new friends. Suggestions?

Once we thawed out, the natives began getting restless. The Virgin Princess won the “first naked“ trophy for stripping down to a sexy see-through black ensemble. From there, the clothes began dropping fast.

Danni donned her Barbie pink strap-on almost immediately, adding another cock to the party mix. She quickly found J(the F of JandR) sitting on a bar stool and proceeded to fuck her until she squirted.

Storm and I moved to the couch where that wonderful mouth began to work on my cock. It had been a long time since we had played, and my cock was aching, enjoying Storm’s skills. Soon, we were down on a mattress, fucking in every configuration as More(M) and J(the F of JandR) enjoyed some naked time next to us.

After a bit, we switched partners. Storm took control of More(M), while I got to experience J(the F of JandR) for the first time. I spread her legs wide as she grabbed my cock and quickly shoved it into her tight, wet pussy. We fucked for a while, and while I could have easily come then, I knew it was way too early to end round one.

After a little beverage break, I sat on the couch, surveying the action around the Palace. Danni came over, noticing an available hard cock on the couch, and hopped on, riding me, still with her strap-on. I noticed the Virgin fucking her boytoy, and suggested we moved our situation over to sit next to them. So while the Prince and I sat on the couch, our sexy partners both rode us. The Virgin, while getting fucked, would bend over and kiss me while I was fucking Danni reverse cowgirl. Then she’d move over to Danni and do the same.

The Virgin and the Prince took a break, and Danni was surprised when C (the F of CandR) hopped onto her faux cock. Now that was an interesting configuration.

After Danni was distracted by someone or something, C (the F of CandR) who had also moved onto sucking her husband’s cock, noticed a new hard cock that she’d never had. So, sexy C positioned herself on her knees in front of me and fucked my cock wonderfully with her mouth.

Quickly, she moved up and lowered her tight wet pussy onto my cock. We fucked like this for a while as I was able to suck on those beautiful tits. I then stood her up, bent her over so she could go back to sucking on her own husband (R), and fucked her from behind, enjoying that hot little ass. R, well experienced with his wife, knew to be careful letting C suck his cock while she was in the throes of orgasms; she is quite the bucking bronco and tends to clench down as she cums. That’s a good thing if your cock is in her pussy. Not so good if your cock is in her mouth.

We eventually went back to the couch, and she rode me hard until she had me cuming hard and deep inside her.

After cleaning up a bit, I grabbed another drink and explored the house. Danni had been wearing her strap-on for a good portion of the evening, taking her turn fucking every available pussy she could find. Hand Solo and Reese were off on their own in a corner of the kitchen; Danni on her knees fingering Reese from behind while Solo kissed her. Rumor has it that Reese came hard from Danni’s finger fucking.

Danni was very protective of Solo and Reese; she loves her new meat, especially in the form of a hunky boytoy and cute blonde. When they moved to the couch to play, Danni joined them, still wearing her strap-on. She sat back, stroking her lubed hard cock with one hand and groped Solo and Reese with the other.

Danni’s pink cock certainly drew attention. R (the M of JandR) noticed her throbbing clit peaking out between the straps and dropped to his knees in front of her to suckle it and lick her pussy. Virgin even stopped by to ride Danni’s cock.

At one point late in the evening, the Virgin was standing in the kitchen, all naked and sexy with a huge Cheshire Cat smile on her face. As chance had it, three naked guys happened to be standing near her. Suddenly, she became the focus of our attention with all three of us kissing her, grabbing her, fingering her. If it hadn’t been half-time for the guys, we would have made the Virgin “air-tight”, as it is called.

While Storm and I enjoyed each other early in the party, we wanted more time together, so we scooted off to one of the bedrooms. I thought that I was still in “half-time” mode, but Storm has a magic way about her. After spending some quality time with my head between her legs, Danni entered the room and the three of us lay down together. While we were only talking, each girl was rubbing my cock and I was rock hard again.

Storm hopped on my cock while Danni saw another squirrel or shiny object and moved on. After fucking for a while, J(F) peaked her head in. Seeing that my face was free, she sat down on my mouth, demanding that I fuck her pussy with my tongue. I aim to please.

As we finished, we noticed that the party was wrapping up and some of our naked women were in various stages of dress. We joined the crowd, noting that everyone was fucked out. We kissed everyone goodnight, finalizing plans for our next little gathering.

Early the next morning, I got up briefly and when I returned to bed, Danni was spread eagle on the bed. Silly me, I thought that she’d just moved to fill in the empty space in the bed. As I tried to scoot her over a little so that I could get back into bed, I soon realized that the sex monster was awake. I dove straight for her already wet pussy, worked my tongue and fingers on her, making her cum over and over. Finally, I pinned her legs back and rammed my cock into her wanting cunt. I fucked her hard and blew what load remained from the previous night deep into her.

We giggled and cuddled afterward, comparing notes from the night, celebrating another successful afternoon (and evening and morning) delight.

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