Sunday, August 15, 2010

update on a life of fantasies fulfilled

Lately we’ve been just having house parties with a group of our regular friends and, in some cases, their friends. DJ and Shelly even made a much anticipated return visit to the Sex Palace. Fun was had by all as evidenced by the pics above!

One new addition has yet to name themselves. She was a determined spitfire, and he was tall, dark and steathly in his "work" of the party room, so until they do, Danni bequeaths them with "Spitfire" and "Stealth" lol. Come back soon, guys!

We've also had the occasional three-way (B says it’s always nice to be the only cock in the room, that is, unless Danni pulls her cock out and uses it on single hottie J-Lo or when J-Lo [below]uses it on Danni!).

This weekend, we decided to venture out to meet some new people, who came highly recommended on SLS. They participate in regular house parties, so perhaps there’s a chance to grow our own ever expanding list of house guests. Sex Palace South meets SevaCouple4Fun's friends with benefits! a Perfect Storm in the making!

We put a new twist to the typical 2 on 2 meet, for us anyway, inviting our single girlfriend, J-Lo. And the couple we met, Sin D. Licious and Rob Blow (who looks like Rob Lowe after a few adult beverages), brought their single guy friend, Hand Solo, aka FIRST SINGLE GUY eva. (Hey, don’t blame us, they named themselves).

During dinner, it was pretty clear that everyone was enjoying the night and things would progress back to our place. J-Lo was so horny (she blew me and fucked me right before we headed out for dinner) and asked me quietly during dinner, “so, you think it’s gonna happen tonight?” I laughed and told her that I was pretty sure it would, and worse case, Danni and I promised to offer up our services to her.

So, dinner finished and we all headed back to our place.

J-Lo won the “first naked” award, due to Danni working on one side and Hand Solo working from the other. But everyone was naked within 5 minutes of walking into our house.

I’m pretty sure that everyone had “quality” time with everyone. At one point, all three guys took their turns fucking J-Lo, one after another. And while Hand Solo and Rob Blow took their turns, I kept my cock in her mouth, fucking her face while also holding back her arms. She seemed happy.

I spent some quality time between Sin D. Licious’s legs, tasting and exploring her wonderful pussy. Damn that girl tastes good.

Danni was all over the place, sucking a cock here, eating a pussy there, riding a cock there and molesting a girl every time one was free. Sin mentioned at one time, “check out Danni, cock, pussy, cock, pussy”…. That’s my Danni, an equal opportunity slut.

Who would have known that she was horribly sick the day before? In fact, up until about an hour before dinner, I thought only J-Lo and I would be going to the dinner. But, boy, did she make a cum back.

As people lay back on the couch, all naked, people took turns putting on a show. Danni and I got in front of all and fucked for their viewing pleasure. Then Hand Solo had his way with J-Lo, frogger-style, according to Danni’s description. When J-Lo was done, she lay back on the mattress and said “I’m a happy girl!”

I think we had a lot of happy girls, and boys! Wish we'd taken a minute or two to take pictures.

Next? Danni may even make an exception for future house parties for Hand Solo to attend.

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