Monday, February 14, 2011

I have taken the red pill and will never look back

Guest Post By Danni and B's friend in Iraq, aka The Joker

(Note: How did our guest poster get his blog name? You'll remember Val Kilmer as "The Joker" in Top Gun...'nuff said. More on the red pill. Danni)

Now I will confess to you right now that I am not a writer and I hardly read enough. But some things need to be said and some stories must be told. For me in my life this is one of those times.

Very rarely in life do we get to meet people that are your kind of people. They treat you well and tell you like it is 100% of the time. I found not one but TWO. I met what would be one of the best friendships in my life about 3 ½ years ago. At the time, I was part of a couple. We had a few experiences with the lifestyle, but nothing of great importance. We were listed on a Website as a couple, and one fateful day an email came to us.

It was Danni and B, and the start of a wonderful friendship. It is not the last three years of friendship that I write about tonight. But it will be the overall feeling of friendship that I have been given. The young lady that I was in a relationship with is no longer with me. With this change, I was forced into the life of a single male.

If you know anything about the lifestyle, this is certainly not the most favorable place to be. But, even still, Danni and B where nothing but friendly and inviting. After my break up, Danni and I lost contact mostly because my work took me back to Iraq where I have been for the last 3 years. But, recently, I made contact with them to see how they are doing and to let them know that I will be home soon, if only for a month, and would like to hang out with them. Just like that, the friendship that we once had was rekindled with the same vigor.

Is it possible to be excited for something that is a month and a half away? Well since I have started talking to Danni and B again, I have had nothing but a smile on my face. We have started to talk about new friends they have made. We have reminisced about old times at the Sex Palace and reconnecting with former playfriends. We are even talking about a possible party while I am home from Iraq.

So, in closing, I can only thank Danni and B for the friendship they give every one that comes in to their life. It is not often that you meet people as genuine as they are. Thank you Danni and B. I have enjoyed every second I have had with you. From the lunch we had to the unforgettable nights at the Palace. I cannot wait to make new memories with the both of you, and the drinks are on me. Thank you for your friendship.


Anonymous said...

Technically, Val Kilmer'scharacter was Ice Man.

Michael Ironsides' character was the Joker.

But that doesn't really matter. Good friends are still good friends.


Danni of Danni and B said...

my bad! you are so right! lol