Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Certified" Sexperts

B and I have been designated as "certified" sexperts!

Let me explain...

We received an email from some fans about a new website they're launching. The site is not functional as yet; it is brand new. They liked our pics and thought we would be perfect for their new educational adult website. The purpose for having us on the site is to "bring on sexy attractive couples to be filmed demonstrating different positions and techniques".

While I don't think we're the right couple for the site, we couldn't help but be flattered when a new website, The Sexual Interchange, wanted us!

We're swingers and just don't agree with this statement on their website: "Why would you want to make love to 1000 different partners, if you could make love to ‘one partner’ 1000 ways?"

B and I don't "make love" to anyone but each other, but we have sex with lots of people. Sex and making love are very different activities. We think you can do both equally well (and we do!).

Thanks for asking, though, SI; we're flattered and happy to share your link with the blogosphere.

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Anonymous said...

Understand your point. Are they willing to pay for your services?