Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guess what we did?

When we catch our breath, we'll post "the rest of the story". Where am I (Danni)? Who do you think took this hot pic???


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Anonymous said...

Well once again I was the lucky recipient of the lovely Danni and hot B's hospitality but this time I had them (or should I say they had me all to themelves!). We started the night with a stroll through the city and then we stopped in for a sumptuous dinner. Oh if the waiter could have heard our conversation!! I love hearing about these two's adventures and am happy to be under their oh so knowledgable tutiledge.

After dinner we sashayed back to the Sex Palace where I relinguished my will to the pleasure of their expertise. Danni was kind enough to allow me to eat her pussy while B did a little filming. I am well versed in pleasing men but am still learning the art of making a woman cum. Lucky me received some helpful hints from Danni and I went to town on that pussy. She is so sexy and tastes so good, but I digress! Next out came those wonderful toys and Danni and I went at it with the two headed dildo which B seemed to enjoy and I of course went wild! Next Danni obliged my love for cock by whipping out her big strap on and she bent me over the edge of the bed and let me suck B's cock while she fucked me nice and hard. My first time being truly screwed by a woman with a dick. It was great, big and long, and hard and... well you get the drift. I loved sucking that nice hard dick while I was getting slammed and it is definitely up there on the list of must haves! In between all of this there was lots of sucking, fucking, vibrating, licking, kissing, and dirty talking so much so that I thought the amount of pleasure would drive me out of my mind. I got to finish with the reverse cowgirl on B while Danni watched. The cum explosion was amazing and it was photographed for viewer enjoyment. Hey guys when can I cum back???