Sunday, December 09, 2007

Once upon a time, Danni and B took a little trip... see OuiOui and Barney in their 'hood.

We knew we'd be in their town soon, so we made plans with our good friends OuiOui and Barney for dinner and some naked time together. Oh, yeah!

Barney picked us up, and we stopped by OuiOui's office to pick her up. Had a nice dinner, catching up with life and telling some dirty little stories. It certainly wasn't your typical after-work business dinner conversation.

We came back to our suite. Barney asked to use the shower as he'd been working all day and needed to freshen up. While he was in the shower, OuiOui was the first to get naked. She told Danni that she has learned from her how to be the first person naked in the room. (and Danni blushed, if you can believe THAT!)

Barney was still in the shower, so Danni and I took advantage of the time alone with OuiOui to have both of us pleasure her. We were sucking on her tits. Then, Danni ate her pussy while I fucked her mouth.

Barney came into the bedroom, and Danni quickly grabbed his cock, and the fucking was on. Barney had Danni squirting over and over again, as he always does. I was on top of OuiOui, her legs spread wide as I was fucking her. I then flipped her over doggie style for a while.

Now, OuiOui has become a bit of a cum slut, and doesn't like me to hold back too long. I was about to cum when she asked me to cum all over her ass and back. Of course, her wish was my command, and I pulled out my cock and blew my load all over her. Danni reached over and rubbed my cum all over OuiOui's back. It looked like a finger painting on her back. lol

Barney was the fuck-king that night, and he was still fucking Danni hard. OuiOut came over and joined them for a fun little 3-way. They fucked him, sucked him and just used him for their pleasure. After using these hot ladies for a nice long while, OuiOut forced Barney to cum hard.

We were surprised to look at the clock and see that it was only 8:30. !WOW! But we all kissed goodnight, since we had to get up early for work the next morning. And, we knew we'd see OuiOui and Barney at Virginia Friends very soon.

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