Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our first couple in our new place (well, for a while, lol)

After a crazy few months getting moved and settled, we've finally gotten to the point where we can get focused on meeting the sexiest people in the area. I've been chatting (yahoo messenger is highly recommended to get to know a couple) with J&S (aka Enigma & The Shadow) and finally were able to meet them.

After a few drinks at a local, much-too-hot (temperature-wise) sports bar, we all agreed to come back to our place (the soon to be christened Sex Palace South). We offered some drinks and continued the chat. As I was heading to the bathroom, I asked S/Enigma if she really had dressed as promised. She said of course, and lifted her skirt to show off her pretty little pussy.

Returning to the living room, things had gotten much darker, with the glow of the TV the only light in the room. I could see both J/The Shadow and S/Enigma sitting back on the couch, but didn't know where Danni was. But as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw that Danni, with her dark hair and cloaked in her black robe, was in between S/Enigma's legs, exploring what I had previewed only moments before.

J/The Shadow and I sat back and watched as Danni enjoyed S/Enigma's surely wet pussy. After a bit, Danni took S/Enigma's hand and brought her to the bedroom, with us guys in tow.

The girls took time exploring each others bodies, tasting, licking and fingering each other.

While we were enjoying watching these sexy women, we we even happier when the ladies decided that they needed a little "male companionship".

We quickly got naked and joined the ladies for a sexy little 4-way.

S/Enigma used her wonderful mouth on me, expertly sucking my already hard cock. I laid back and enjoyed watching as her head bobbed up and down. After bringing me to the point of almost cuming, she got and and lowered her wet pussy onto me. Her pussy felt so warm, tight and wet, and she had me cuming in no time.

At the same time, J/The Shadow was working Danni doggy style, fucking her so good and hard that she was squirting all over J/The Shadow's body.

I laid S/Enigma down on the bed and began using my tongue and fingers on her wet pussy, enjoying feeling her pussy tighten as I worked her special spots.

Eventually, we all were laid out on the bed in exhaustion. We chatted for just a bit, knowing we'd have to make it an early night since we all had to work in the morning. We kissed S/Enigma and J/The Shadow goodnight, hoping that we'd get to see them again very soon.

Stay tuned...

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