Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Lifestyle Organization, non-monogamy activism

Sexual Intelligence ™
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Marty Klein, Ph.D.

Each year, Sexual Intelligence (SI) celebrates people and institutions which challenge the sexual fear, unrealistic expectations, and government hypocrisy that undermine love, sex, and relationships--and political freedom.

Past recipients have included novelist Philip Roth, musician Candye Kane, sex educators Bill Taverner and Susie Wilson, and Catholics For A Free Choice. This year's recipients of Sexual Intelligence Awards™ are equally deserving:

Robert McGinley, Non-monogamy activist

By 1966 the U.S. military had some 50,000 swingers under investigation, intending to court martial and discharge all of them. When civilian aerospace engineer Robert McGinley was identified as one of these "sexual deviants," he lost his Air Force security clearance (and therefore his job).

In 1975 McGinley founded the Lifestyle Organization (LSO); in less than five years, LSO was hosting weekend conventions attended by 500 or more couples. An industry was born, and LSO now hosts the largest "lifestyles" conventions in the world. Each year, tens of thousands of couples from around the world vacation and play together. It's a new kind of Woodstock, with similar cultural and political possibilities.

It didn't happen easily. McGinley has been in court time and again, fighting government discrimination against sponsoring hotels and even bribery by state officials attempting to discredit him. Before the ACLU became involved, he spent $100,000 of his own money. In 1998 he won an enormous victory court over California's Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, which was chastised for practicing "State Gestapo-ism."

Even if you don't swing, go on nude cruises, or attend lifestyles seminars, McGinley has helped protect your right to express your sexual preferences in private--and hotels' right to host events that might challenge the "morality" of those who disapprove of the events. This includes events involving S/M, tattooing, same-gender relationships, and contraceptive education.

Not content with merely creating a socio-cultural movement for millions of swingers, McGinley has recently gone south of the border. LSO now sponsors an annual Erotic Art Walk and Fiesta in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the world's largest public exhibit of sensual and erotic art. This is of historical importance in an overwhelmingly Catholic country. McGinley is bringing sexual intelligence everywhere.

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