Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sex Palace South (SPS) Grand Opening Party, part 2

In spite of Danni’s stated disappointment of not fucking everyone at the party, our first party at the Sex Palace South was a rousing suck-sex. (By the way, new house rule, every guest MUST service Danni at some point in the party. We gotta keep “momma” happy, lol)

We had 8 couples at the party, just the right number to keep it intimate but with lots of options. We asked everyone to come to the party between 8 and 9:30. Barney & OuiOui came a bit earlier since they were staying over night. We enjoyed some wonderful munchies and caught up with one another.

Junior & Charlotte, Storm & Wolverine, DJ & Shelly, and Jester & Amy J all showed up right around 8pm sharp. We shared some drinks and introduced the couples to each other.

We were waiting on two more couples, but the natives were getting restless, with lots of kissing, grabbing and fondling starting to take place. Danni had made jello shots. She decided to take Shelly to the mattress and cover her body with them. DJ and a few others joined in, licking her body clean.

The doorbell rang and in came C&M and Tiger & Tigress, the last two couples that we had expected. As soon as they entered the Sex Palace South, the lights went low and the clothes started dropping.

It’s always hard to write about our orgies and give full treatment for everything that happened and who did what to whom. But with these hot 16 people, there were lots of combinations that happened. Here’s a few “activities” that stick in my brain, at least the one between my ears.

Charlotte and Storm were sitting on the couch, kissing and fondling each other. I came over and joined them in a three-way kiss, and then they stood me up, pulled down my pants and both began sucking my cock. What a wonderful sight with these two hot women expertly working my cock.

Danni came over to the couch. I bent her over and began fucking her doggie style. After a bit, I started working her pussy with my tongue and then my fingers. I noticed that Tigress, new to our parties, was sitting to the side, so I thought I’d show off Danni’s “talent” and worked her pussy until she powered-squirted all over the couch and the floor. Tigress’ jaw dropped. I don’t think she’d been pre-warned about Danni’s squirting trait, and the surprised expression on her face was priceless.

I laid on the mattress and Storm hopped on me, riding my cock until she came a couple of times. Charlotte then came over, sucked me and then we fucked for a while.

Getting up to take a break, I found Shelly sitting on a bar stool, so I crouched down, spread her legs and began eating her wonderful pussy. Fingering her, I loved hearing the moans and groans she was making. We moved onto the couch where I sat back and she expertly rode my cock. My legs were burning by this point, and as much as I hated to, I begged for a few minutes of rest.

After getting a drink, I came back to the couch and found Amy J. She began sucking my cock. Jester re-positioned her and began fucking her while she sucked me. After a bit, we switched things up, and I started fucking her doggie while she sucked Jester. Jester eventually moved to other hotties, and I had Amy J bent over the couch, fucking her, eating her, and enjoying her amazing pussy.

Charlotte and I started playing again, and I worked her pussy until she was gushing all over Danni. (Only fair since DJ had made Danni squirt all over Charlotte earlier!)

Char and I decided to head to the master bedroom for a little 69 action and some VERY hot action it was. She had me coming almost on command.

OK, so other people actually did have sex at our party, I promise. I heard Danni squirting a few different times. (Yep, from the previous post, you’d think that she didn’t play at all, lol). If our guests read this, they’re welcomed to leave a comment (click comment below), and give a description from their point of view.

If you’ve never been in an orgy, you’d be surprised at how little you notice going on around you. When you look at this picture (taken by Danni), you’ll see lots of people fucking. I’m in the middle there, somewhere, and remember the flash going off, but had no idea that there were that many people around me fucking at the same time. I guess that when the sex is great, you get kind of focused on what you’re involved in. ;-)

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