Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sex Palace South (SPS) Grand Opening Party

It finally happened.

After nearly five years of B and I in the Lifestyle, it was inevitable.

Yes, B and I celebrated our first official House Party in our new digs.

Yes, it was quite a BANG. Eight very HOTTT couples and some very HOTTT action for hours and hours on end.

Yes, we made new "friends with benefits", and our friends made new friends.

And, yes, the Sex Palace South was, is, and will be a success now and in the future.

So, what happened?

I can't believe it, but...

B had more sex than ME!

I was so busy with making sure everyone else's needs (food, drink, introductions, etc.) were appropriately "attended" to that I, Danni, the Sex Monster had the LEAST sex of anyone in the house.

That's just WRONG!!! NO FAIR!!!

Ok, NEW RULE: everyone is required to have sex with ME, the hostess!

Yes, this is me crying!

Perhaps B will write about the party, if he can remember who did what when and where. In the meantime, here's a pic to convey what I remember of the party!

Where is Danni? Behind the camera, not in on the action....

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Porttasters said...

Congrats on the Sexu Palace South!! Sounds very very hot. the porttasters