Monday, January 29, 2007

GI GO GO a la Vegas, Saturday January 13th, etc.

GI= Get In
GO=Get Off
GO=Get Out

Ah, Vegas! We went to AVN, the Adult Video Network's Entertainment Expo. See all the pics!

Tera Patrick and her husband, Evan Seinfeld of the band, Biohazard.

Fellow squirter, Flower Tucci

Memphis Monore of Hustler


Danni got to kiss Belladonna here! She was in heaven!

Jesse Jane

Fuck elbows! Danni rubbed boobs with Jesse!

Jenna Jameson

Ron Jeremy


Check out the Fucking Machine, with one arm a fucking dildo and one arm basically a chain saw with multiple tongues!

Two girls "wrestling" at the booth

Oh, and Danni sucked a huge cock at the booth and received a standing ovation for her performance. No telling where those pics will turn up on the web; the camera phones were out in full force!

And some random girls that had the boobs out for me to play with! No idea who they were. Didn't care!

I was a happy man.

Do we watch too much porn????

Nah! No way! Nada!

That night we headed to Sapphire's Gentleman's Club with Jiggy and Metal Man to a private party hosted by PurrfectLV Parties. Danni finally got to meet the hot hostess, Iman! We got friendly...

The party wasn't the best atmosphere for picking up new people, so afterwards, the four of us went back to our room. Unfortunately, all the work that Danni put into arranging "meets" with new couples while in Vegas was for nothing. Either we didn't click, couldn't find each other, got distracted LOL...oh well. Better luck next time!

While back at the hotel....for a little something different, Danni and I did DP-same hole (yes, TWO cocks in her pussy!) to Jiggy, with Danni wearing her pink strap-on and me doing the fucking. Worked well until Danni's "cock" started slipping out of Jiggy. Of course, Danni couldn't tell...that strap-on just isn't the same as a real cock.

Then, Jiggy sucked my cock until I blew into her mouth. It couldn't have been much of a load since Danni and I had fucked earlier in the day. But, she did a great job. After a quick recovery, Jiggy fucked me for a while, and Danni fucked Metal Man until we were all completely spent.

The next day we went to lunch and gambled a bit at the new Hooter's Casino. Danni enjoyed "playing" with Maia, the hot Bulgarian Blackjack dealer.

Later, we had dinner at Nove with Jiggy and Metal Man and then Hoover and Lou (see previous posts, I'm too lazy to give the links) joined us so we could all check out the new Playboy Club in the Palms Hotel. Danni thought the whole Palms experience was terribly over-rated, but unfortunately, Danni was starting to feel sick, so we called it a night. Little did we know, Danni ended up being sick the rest of the entire trip, so we had to cancel on a number of other couples and even our single girlfriends who live (and dance) in Vegas, so you KNOW she was sick.

We did stop by the Tuscany All-Suites Resort one night before we left Vegas to tour the hotel that will be hosting the Lifestyles Convention in August. Dinner was wonderful; we found the whole set-up really nice, and it’ll be great venue to host a lifestyle takeover. We’re booked and planning on being there. Let us know if you’ll be there, too.

xoxo, B

P.S. Next trip to Virginia Beach....stay tuned.

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