Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year’s Eve 3 Days of Nakedness-FRI NITE

Arrived at VA Friends, our regular club, on Friday Dec 29 for a 3-Day NYE celebration and had dinner with DJ and Shelly at a restaurant that’s known for waitresses with big boobs and short shorts. DJ and Shelly are a couple we met on SLS and have been chatting with on yahoo for a few weeks. She’s a sexy little blonde, and he’s a tall stud with a goatee. They are both into BDSM, which isn’t really our thing, but we found their stories (and pictures) amazing…and intriguing.

Friday night had a good crowd, maybe 75 couples. We got to the party early, before 9. We hung out, talked to lots of people. I finally met the girl that Danni fisted at the last party. A real cutie. Still kills me that I wasn’t there for that. Danni got a lap dance from her guy, as he used to be a male stripper. She was pretty wet after that. Jell-O shots were being offered at this party, so we took advantage and had a bunch of strawberry shots, sharing some with some other sexy couples.

At midnight, we went to the private, secure members-only hallway, which was pretty quiet. After talking with friends for a bit, we went to our room for a bathroom break. Old friends, and long time readers of this blog, K(M) & C(F), knocked at the door and came in. After a few minutes of talk, my shy Danni started dancing around topless (and then bottomless), then kissed C and pulled her top down.

Danni put her on the bed and started eating her wet pussy. She then took a shooter in her mouth and fucked her with the glass.

After a bit, I stuck my cock in C’s mouth while K worked Danni from behind. C then got on top of me, and Danni pushed K back to get on top of him, and both ladies starting fucking us expertly. K was able to lay back and be king. Feeling dominant, Danni put one leg on the floor to get more momentum and squirted all over him in the process. K had been interested in Danni’s squirting talents through our blog and Swingercast, so she thought it might be fun and began to wipe his face and let him suck her fingers of all of her sweet wetness.

After a while, I flipped C onto her back and continued to fuck her until she forced me to come deep into her tight pussy. We all laid back spent, chatting for a bit and kissed goodnight.

It was a great start to a great weekend.

NOTES from Danni: DJ and Shelly had made prior plans with a hot couple that we met in the bar. The F of that couple had the most luscious skin; I just wanted to lick her all over. But, alas, their’s was to be a private “session”. Also, my friends from last party, the F of which may always be known as “fisting girl”…a great moniker to carry, I might add…and her guy visited in our room for a few minutes but they had plans to work the stripper pole before “gettin jiggy”, so we kissed them g’night and told them they’re welcome back anytime! I’ve never had a guy lapdance and it was quite enjoyable! P.S. I’d be happy to share in the POLE dancing next time. LOL

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F of Porttasters said...

Of course I am thrilled to be mentioned in your blog. I especially love that you think my skin is luscious.