Sunday, December 03, 2006

TEXTing on Saturday, the morning after

Danni: Hi, babe....quiet Fri at VAF without u
Danni: Missed u last nite, hun
B: Did u play?
Danni: In a way
B: ?
Danni: Met a cute newbie couple only here for Fri party
B: And?
Danni: Only in L/S 6 months
B: wow
Danni: I kissed her
Danni: I kissed him
Danni: in the bar
Danni: They were very drunk
Danni: We danced a little, grinding
Danni: I think he likd me poundin him frm bhind like I had the strap-on! lol
Danni: Aftr the bar party we all went upstairs to the hall
B: Yes?
B: Go on
B: Tell me more
Danni: They went to their rm; I gave them our email & blog address
B: Good
Danni: I went back to my/our rm, got a drink
Danni: Went back to hall, ran into K&C
Danni: K said new cple was in their rm w/anthr cple, door wide open
B: And?
Danni: So I led the group to go watch!
B: You didn't join?
Danni: well...
Danni: It was quite a show
Danni: QUITE a show
Danni: I had a hard-on LOL
Danni: So did K
Danni: K jumped in to get his dick sucked
Danni: nice cock, btw
Danni: U know I cldn't just watch ;-)
Danni: I jumped in to work the girl's pussy
Danni: Her guy was fuckin her doggy
Danni: She loved it, I rubbed her clit really hard
B: What about him?
Danni: I grabbed his cock, balls
Danni: He pulled out, had her suck his cock
Danni: So I fingered her while workin her clit
Danni: She loved it
Danni: Begged for more
B: Damn
Danni: Very intense eyes
Danni: Grabbed my hand
Danni: Pulling me deeper
Danni: So I obliged
Danni: Ended up fisting her
B: Wow! You've never fisted a girl before!
Danni: Nope, first time
Danni: Slipped right in
Danni: All the way
Danni: Up to my wrist!
B: She like it?
Danni: Made her scream
Danni: Made her scream
Danni: Made her scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danni: Worked her as hard as I cld
Danni: Til my hand went numb
B: Numb?
Danni: My arm's still sore today lol
Danni: I'm all horned up for tonite's party, babe
B: I'm on my way! See you soon!
Danni: HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That was hot! Love the way you wrote that.

Tomscockwhore said...

God I LOVE FISTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!