Sunday, December 17, 2006 and

Are you or your FWBs (Friends With Benefits) members of SLS (

If so, just wanted to let you know that VA Friends' and other regional groups' parties are now listed. It's a great way to RSVP to a party and see who else is attending, too. On the SLS homepage, just below the pictures, you'll see a list of "5 Nearest Events".

Just click on DETAILS next to each party. You can see the current RSVP list and add yourself, too. There's also a forum for each party! What a great way for people to meet and make plans.

xoxo, Danni

And BTW, is now on ! Check 'em out:


Danni and B said...

The links to Swingercasts vids may no longer work; they're having problems with people flagging them as "objectionable" and then Youtube removing then. Fuck-heads! I hate Christian-conservative, neo=Nazis!

If you don't like something, just avoid it...don't listen...don't watch, but don't fuck everything up for those of us who are tolerant of others. Fuck you, YouTube!

Sorry, my rant for the day....

If the links don't work anymore, just go to and listen to the entire show from their website.

xoxo, Danni

Anonymous said...

we heard you guys on on swinger cast and wanted to thank you for representing full swap couples well.

DarkenFreaky in DC