Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pre-Valentine's House Party at the Sex Palace

Danni says: Blue lace panties, satin sheets and beautiful flowers. What more can say fucking HOTTT House Party!?!?

How about sexxxy "play friends", OuiOui and Barney, who came over to play with us in the jacuzzi, porn on the TV...

And, some HOTTT 3-way action...

Sometimes the camera angles during a 3-way can block out the sexy F in the middle. She's in the middle, we promise!

Nice hand mark on that ass!

B clenches on OuiOui's ass as she makes him cum for the 3rd time last night. Nothing like a little "reverse cowgirl" to get him off!

Despite being red from all the cock-use, OuiOui was insatiable and needed more. Thankfully, the Decadent Indulgence vibrator was within arm's reach.

As was the Hitachi wand...

Hopefully, I'll be feeling 100% soon and ready to play hard. (You can always tell when I'm not up to par...when most of the post pics include B instead of me; I played photographer.) We have VA Friends' Lady-in-Red Party coming up! xoxo, Danni


Anonymous said...

Are you holding my blue panties hostage?

lol - I just noticed them in your blog picture. I didn't bring them home I guess. I love those panties!!! :)

Thanks for the great hospitality. You have a beautiful 'sex palace'. We had a great time - very relaxed time. I have bruises all over. Good times!

Oui Oui (and Barney)

Danni and B said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, we ARE holding them hostage...insures you'll be back for more!

xoxo, Danni
Happy V-Day!