Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friday nite at Virginia Friends, catchin' up with ElektraLux

We were back at our favorite club, Virginia Friends. It was a fairly quiet night, as it was only a couple of weeks after the packed New Year’s party. We spent most of the night with Elektra-Lux and her main squeeze, Juan, while chatting with other sexy couples.

Once upstairs at the After Party, we showed Elektra-Lux and Juan the party suite (they hadn’t been to VAF since the club had moved to the new hotel), and they were very excited to see the voyeur bedroom. This is a room with a king-sized bed right off of the main part of the party suite. While Danni and I were talking to some people, Elektra-Lux began performing her specialty on Juan.

I walked into the bedroom, seeing her blowing him and her ass up in the air smiling to me. I kneeled down and began licking and fingering her wet little pussy.

Danni walked in, saw what was happening and immediately ripped off her clothes. I was the last of the four of us to get naked, but only by a few seconds. Danni was soon riding my hard cock while sucking Juan.

Danni then took her turn with Juan while Elektra-Lux worked my cock.

We had bunches of people watching this action from the doorway, though it wasn’t until one brave sole actually walked in that we had anyone else join us. When this guy walked in (someone I didn’t know) Elektra-Lux grabbed him and ripped off his sweats. She sucked and fucked him while Danni took on both Juan and me at the same time.

After we were all spent, it was all I could do to get Danni off the bed so others could take their turn for the voyeurs. She was all curled up next to Juan, cuddling.

We talked with people in the hallway for a while more, but I was ready for some more action, so I grabbed Danni, took her back to our room and we fucked again like teenagers. (actually, we fucked like swingers, who really are the best in bed!!)

We’ll miss the February VAF party, but plan to see everyone at VAF in March. Hope you can join us.

P.S. from Danni-Sorry about the lack of pictures; we were rather busy. Just use the search feature on the right-had sidebar and enter the word "elektra"'ll see lots! xoxo

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