Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ok, I'm Stuck in a Hotel Room on Business....

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2
Yes, I'm a bit horny, and my brain is a little fried, so I thought I'd share some interesting pics!

In the South, this is the perfect woman.

And this is a Redneck's idea of a HotTub.

Thankfully, we have "play" plans on Friday night with some "FWB"(Friends With Benefits) at our Sex Palace (aka home) and "play" plans with a new couple in Richmond on Saturday! B's got a work meeting this weekend in Richmond, so we thought we'd combine work and that's my idea of "work"! Yeah!

TGIF, almost...xoxo, Danni

1 comment:

B and M said...

Your hotel room will be MUCH more fun this weekend, guaranteed!!!! xoxo