Friday, February 03, 2006

Swingercast - a Podcast for Swingers - Danni gets a Shout-Out!

Be sure to check out the ONLY Swinger's Podcast on iTunes or at . Allie and John do a great job. If you don't have an iPod, you can listen to the audiofiles on your computer.

Just got an email from Allie; she and John are flying to Seattle in the morning and going to check out Club New Horizons. We can't wait to hear how it goes!

We were thrilled at the shout-out to our blog, Danni654 Swingertime, on their recent episode #3. We appreciate the "exposure". We love, love, love their podcast. It's great that they can provide another medium to educate newbies, enlighten swingers and entertain the die-hard lifestylers, like us.

They asked for suggestions on how to improve the podcast, so we offered a few ideas:

1) try to do the podcast without alcohol inducement. Ee'd hate for people, especially newbies, to think that the lifestyle requires you to get drunk in order to "play" rather than experiencing all that it has to offer, enjoying the sexual energy to its fullest extent.

2) they are NOT too graphic. In fact, they could be WAY more graphic and still not scratch the surface. Just as in calling a spade, a a dick, a dick, a blow job, a blow job and a pussy, a pussy, etc. They seem a little hesitant to talk sometimes. By the way, Allie has a very SEXXXY voice. If she's only half as HOTTT as her voice....oooh-la-la!

3) we assume their subscribers cover the full range of lifestylers and wannabe lifestylers, so we suggested they try to cover things like: why (not how) you got into the lifestyle, the kinds of people you've met, all of the different types of swingers, why you're soft swap only after so many years, how newbies can get into the lifestyle, how did you arrange your first 3-way (friend, online, bar pickup, etc.), what happens when you meet people you're not attracted to, yada yada yada.

4) and we'd love to hear others send in audiofiles to get the full picture of what the lifestyle is all about. We also hope at some point that they'll post pictures of themselves on their website, a Frappr Map, photo albums for subscribers, a forum or message board, etc.

Check them out and be sure to email Allie with your suggestions (and delicious praise) at . Maybe we can convince them to come to our next House Party at the Sex Palace!

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Swing4fun said...

We are big fans of the swingercast Podcast!