Thursday, February 23, 2006

Looks like Wilma and Fred's fun blog is gone

Either that or it's been taken over, hacked, whatever...anyhow, we miss you guys! Hope all is well with you....take care!


Anonymous said...

They punched out just before the holidays because of the hackers and porn spammers.


Anonymous said...

This is Fred. Thanks for the compliments. We will miss the blogging also. We really enjoyed the amount of visitors, especially return visitors, that came to our blog. We might return again someday under different aliases.

We did not shut the blog down because of hackers. We shut it down because Wilma's sister found out about it while snooping through our computers and blabbed about it to the rest of her family.

I recently found out that someone else has jumped in and taken over the domain we had used. We are not in control of that domain anymore. I hope most people will realize that.

Thank you to everyone who was a fan of ours!

Fred (of Fred & Wilma's Fun)