Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not only are we an Urban we're an Inspiration!

Check out our UK fan "DirtyGirl" blog at .

Seems that we have inspired her to have her 1st REAL threesome experience with people she met on a UK swingers site . I wonder if things will go well; maybe they'll even take her to a swingers club?Hope she emails us to let us know how it goes!!!!

I asked her if there are there a lot of swingers in the UK. She tells me that dogging is big in the UK and, yes, I needed a definition for that one!! Dogging is going to places to fuck in cars while other people watch. Hmmmm...sounds like a swingers party on wheels!

1 comment:

dirty girl said...

mmmm hey there..... im going to my first swingers party next week.... i will let you know all about it!! ;-) THANK YOU for the inspiration!!!!

dg xxxx