Sunday, October 25, 2009

Traveling House Parties

OK, time to catch up on recent activities. Danni has been gently reminding me to write about our latest fun. So here goes.

First off, we met up with Bear and GMILF, who we first met a few weeks earlier during one of our house parties. They live a couple of hours away, but we were driving by and told them we’d be in the neighborhood if they felt like hooking up. Lucky for us, they did. Nice to know other sluts like us.

We were a little late getting to our hotel, so they were already there when we checked in. After dinner, we all headed to our suite. We never got around to unpacking.

Danni grabbed GMILF (of course), pushed her on the bed and started eating her out. It wasn’t long before the four of us had to hit the bed. GMILF and I spent a long time fucking and eating and sucking each other while Danni worked on Bear. She made Bear cum by doing her reverse cowgirl.

We went around and around for quite some time while a rain storm raged all around us. The suite sounded like a freight train was right outside.
Danni pulled out her strap-on and became the third guy for a while. GMILF seemed to really enjoy being fucked by Danni.

After everyone had come at least once (or perhaps much more) we realized that Bear and GMILF had to work in the morning. So we called it an early evening and kissed goodnight.
Can’t wait to see this very hot couple again really soon.

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