Thursday, September 03, 2009

We're bbbaaaccckkk!!!

After what has seemed like ages, the Sex Palace South had reopened for business. After all attending a fun outdoor event, we came back to our place. Storm and Wolverine, Junior and Charlotte are regular players in our blog. A new couple (fresh meat, yes!) Bear and the GMILF joined in the fun. (FYI: Bear is the guy and, GMILF is, well.... Grand Mother I Like to Fuck)

I gave GMILF a quick tour of the place and gave her a little introduction kiss. Back with the group, Storm and I got reacquainted by undressing each other. I brought Storm over to the couch, sat her down, and spread her legs. I had a wonderful time using my tongue and fingers to explore Storm’s wet pussy. Watching Storm cum in her special way is a favorite pastime of mine, and she was quick to put on the show.

By this point, everyone was naked and going at it. Junior was fucking GMILF, Danni was fucking Wolverine and Charlotte was fucking Bear. Storm flipped things on me and began sucking my cock. Damn, she’s skilled!

After a bit, Charlotte came over to the couch and straddled my face so that I could eat her. While Storm was still sucking me, Bear started eating Storm from behind. Storm soon moved to Bear, and little cock slut Charlotte slid right down onto my cock. Mmmm, it was great fucking that girl again.

Soon, people were changing things up. GMILF was sucking her husband Bear, which just seemed wrong at an orgy, so I walking over and offered up my cock too. GMILF grabbed it right up and started sucking and stroking both of us. I have a sneaky suspicion that she’s done that before.

Soon after, GMILF sat me down and hopped on my lap. We fucked back and forth for a great while. Damn, when we first met, she seemed like a little innocent thing. Tricked me.

At some point, I saw Danni wearing her strap-on, fucking GMILF. Apparently she was a strap-on virgin, and Danni was more than willing to pop her cherry. So, so Danni!

Storm and I got back together and started fucking. I love watching Storm on top. Her expert pussy was simply milking my cock, what a great feeling.

It was then back to Charlotte. We had talked a few days earlier about how she wanted me to fuck her in the ass and thus, we did. Boy I had missed that ass. Soon, though, I felt something warm and wet on my balls while my cock was pumping Charlotte’s ass. That Danni was teabagging me.

Of course, there was a lot going on around me. It was hard to keep track as to who was doing who. But I can tell you that all four women, including Danni {aghast!}, cried uncle by the end of the night.

That’s what I call proof of a successful orgy.

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