Monday, October 31, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 2-Sunday

After recovering from our opening night of decadence with my girls (see yesterday's post), I was fortunate enough to track down 2 tickets (on Ebay and at face value, no less!) to see Elton John's last "Red Piano" performance at Casear's. We had great seats! And Elton was awesome! He's still the Pinball Wizard to me!

Then it was off to DejaVu, one of the few full nude clubs in Vegas. A gorgeous hottie approached us almost as soon as B and I sat down and ordered non-alcoholic drinks (required for full nude, can you believe it? in Vegas!). She took me to the back room for a lap dance, er bed The lap dance ended up on a nice leather couch with her on top of me. Looking up into the ceiling mirror with this gorgeous naked body on top of me was so hot! And, thankfully, girls can touch girls in strip clubs...when it came to B's turn, he wasn't allowed to touch, kiss, nibble or grope, like me. B and I got so turned on that we had to go back to the hotel to fuck.

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