Monday, October 31, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 1-Saturday

by Danni (the bi-fem 1/2)
This is the first post in a series on our, stay tuned.

Well, thanks to Hurricane Wilma, our trip to Desires in Cancun was detoured to Las Vegas. Darn, what a shame! LOL Since Vegas is our favorite "play" city, the detour was a no-brainer.

As soon as we hit the Strip on Saturday, I called my g/f who now dances at Sapphires. Luckily, she wasn't working that night, and she and our other g/f were available to party. We found a great little hideaway lounge in the West Wing of MGM, where we always stay. The back area of the lounge is fairly hidden from view, and the seating consists of huge leather couches that reminded me of my g-spot.

If you're unfamiliar with the g-spot, you owe it to yourself (men and women) to find it! It's a ribbed portion of flesh just inside the upper vagina walls that engorges when stimulated. When B stimulates my g-spot, he makes me feel as though I'm turning inside out. AND, B is available for training, having "taught" several of my g/f's over the past year WHERE their g-spot is and HOW to squirt through g-spot stimulation. I can assure you, it is NOT a myth...I've been there, done that...and nightly. He's even showed me how to make myself squirt...but that's another story for another time.

Playing with the girls was like a blast from the past since B and I met them on our first trip to Vegas together. We got naked fast and actually paired off, although same room...CJ with B and MK with me. I'm not sure what B and CJ were up to. He'll have to add his viewpoint to this post. I was busy and very occupied! MK was eating my pussy like there was nothing better in the world to eat. After she had my pussy drenched, she worked me with my 18" double-headed dildo. All I remember at that point was laying on my back, feeling an amazing orgasm and watching the most incredible arch of cum squirting from me. I looked up to see CJ's shocked face; we had forgotten to warn her. MK had been with us before when I squirted so she was prepared and knew to get her face out of the way when I cum. CJ wanted to know if I could put out a candle when I squirt. Hmmm...we'll have to try that sometime.

Picture removed on Request

As we kissed the girls g'nite, we compared breasts...I'm the small ones in the middle! That's MK on the left and CJ on the right...Wow! Two HOTTT blondes! I love Las Vegas!!!!!!

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