Friday, September 01, 2006

Impromptu House Party!! recanted by B, the male 1/2 of this swinging couple

We were way overdue for a house party, so when our last minute guests arrived, we were VERY happy and could just tell this was going to be "our kind of party".

Slick and Lucky Bastard arrived first; we caught up and had a few drinks. Slick tried on some of Danni's clothes (great show, by the way), but Danni told her that she'd have to fuck her for them. Needless to say, Slick left with some new clothes. And, Danni was VERY happy!

Fiama (F) and Ghiaccio (M) arrived a little later. It was their first time at the "Sex Palace", but we know them well from VAF. Fiama had been wondering about our swing, and we promised to take care of that curiosity.

Red and Gray were the last to arrive, around 9pm. We know them from when we recently visited Virginia Beach, so they got the award for furthest traveled. They didn't know the other couples, so we thought there might be a little time needed for everyone to get to know each other. But, since we know the kind of couples to invite to our parties, people were getting naked within 10 minutes of Red and Gray's arrival. And, Danni nominated them for "fastest integration into an orgy with strangers"! Yeah!

As our readers know, writing about everything that happened at a house party can be pretty difficult, especially when people are playing all over the house and at times your face can be in a position that makes it hard to see what others are doing. Hopefully, our guests will add comments to this posting and fill in the things I miss.

I was catching up with Red, since I hadn't seen her in a few months. I heard people in the jacuzzi and know that there were lots of wet people in the other end of the house. I was admiring Red's sexy little outfit and that tight little body it contained. We began kissing and touching each other. Her pussy was nice and wet, and she was quickly able to get my cock hard with her touch.
I lowered her top to reveal some of the best tits you'll ever see, period. While I was kissing and sucking on them, Danni came over and joined in the fun. After a few minutes she told us that everyone was upstairs. We got the hint and joined the party.

She was right, there were lots of naked people upstairs!! I found an empty couple of inches on the bed and laid down as Red got on top of me. We kissed and she lowered herself onto my hard cock. It was such a hot sight watching this hot sexy woman riding me. Danni was laying next to me being serviced by a number of people. I heard lots of splashing and knew she was enjoying her action as much as I was enjoying mine.

After a while, we began fucking harder and harder. Her tight pussy was milking my cock so well that I couldn't hold back any more and came hard and deep inside her. She was able to keep me hard for a while after that, but gravity eventually took over, and I was forced to take a break. Mmmm, was she yummy.

Now, I'm smart enough to know that just because my cock needs some time for recuperation, I still have a mouth, tongue and fingers. And, they're able to make women happy. Guys, the worse thing you can do when you're with a woman is to think that when you blow your load, sex is done. Remember, it's all about the women. Sex isn't done until she's done.

So, I noticed that Fiama was available, at least her lower half, so I spread her legs and had a "happy meal". Fiama was the second squirter at the party, and it tasted wonderful as her sweet pussy squirted over and over as I worked her with my tongue. Her squirting turned me on so much that she got me hard again and really quick.

Fiama sucked my cock for a while, but we both knew that we needed to get just a little closer. So she hopped on my cock and slid up and down my cock as her pussy continued to pour down my shaft and balls. One of the girls was enjoying tasting the action that was pouring out her pussy and asked if that was me or her. I told her that so far, it was all Fiama, since Red had milked me so well.

I eventually flipped her onto her back, pinned her knees back by her ears and starting slamming my cock deep into her. As I did this, Danni was kissing her mouth and tits. Then Danni started rubbing Fiama's pussy and my cock while we fucked. After some time, I couldn't hold back any more and came hard. Fiama just made my legs turn to jello.

By this point, most of the guests had come a few times, and everyone had eventually ventured to our living room. We finally had a little chance to chit chat as we watched a slide show of Slick and "friends" on our HD monitor. 1033 pictures takes a while to go through in a slide show so we had plenty of time to have adequate recovery. (Danni will have to create a xxx music video of those sexy shots and add it to the videos at Swingercast for everyone to enjoy.)

I had a great view of Red and Gray. They were both naked, with Red on Gray's lap. Suddenly, I noticed as Red lowered herself onto Gray's hard cock. It was very subtle, not showy at all. She was just enjoying his cock and gently rode back and forth on it as the conversation continued.

Apparently, I was not the only one being turned on by this action. Fiama started blowing Lucky Bastard in the kitchen. Ghiaccio and Slick were enjoying each other, and I was lucky to get some time, and reverse cowgirl, with my Danni. After some time, Lucky Bastard took Slick and started fucking her doggie style on the satin-covered mattress in our living room. Fiama then moved to the mattress, and Danni and I joined her. Fiama was sucking my cock as Danni was eating her pussy. Apparently Danni did a great job, based on Fiama's moans and her kisses of thanks when they were done.

Unfortunately, it was after midnight, and Red and Gray had to leave as they had an early morning coming up. I shook Gray's hand (with Fiama still sucking my cock) and kissed Red good-night. We agreed to call them when we get back to the beach, which will likely be in January.

Everyone was now just that much more spent, and we all agreed that some food was necessary. We pulled out the Qdoba that no one ate earlier in the evening (because everyone was too horny to sit around and eat at the beginning of the party, lol). The six of us now sat around our dining room table, ate some nachos and told about some of our most recent stories.

I was reminded that Fiama had been curious about the swing, and that so far, no one had gotten in it. Well, we had to fix that. I grabbed Fiama's hand and got her situated into the swing and raised her up to mouth level. The swing clearly turned her on as she was squirting into my mouth almost as soon as I started eating her.

Lucky Bastard joined us and we knew it was time to really work this hottie hanging from the ceiling. I lowered her to cock level and began fucking her, pulling at the swing to bring her cunt back and forth on my cock. At the same time, Lucky Bastard pulled her head back and shoved his massive cock deep into her throat. She was taking both cocks like the whore she wanted to be! ;-)

The rest of the party then joined us. Slick and Ghiaccio sat on the love seat, watching the show as Danni became photographer (a truly rare event). I eventually decided I should be a nice guy and let Lucky Bastard have some of this wonderful pussy (not that he hadn't had her a lot already, lol).

I moved to the bed and, much to my delight, Slick was there. Now Slick really is as hot as her pictures make her out to be (if anything, she's even hotter!). I started out by eating that tasty pussy. But, you gotta know that Slick likes her cock. Anyone that "really" knows her has heard her shout out "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME". Well, she didn't disappoint. I fucked her for a while. God, she felt great. Since I had already cum twice I wasn't quite ready for number three, but gave it my all. Eventually, I had to cry "uncle".

Ghiaccio then got some serious quality time with Slick, both working each other for a long time. I was fucking Danni missionary for a while when Fiama showed up. The girls were kissing and fondling each other and then Fiama started rubbing Danni's pussy and my cock while we were fucking. Then, Fiama moved her mouth down and began licking the shaft of my cock and Danni's pussy while we were fucking. I held her head down in the position as I fucked Danni harder and harder until I blew my load as Fiama licked and Danni fucked. We were sure that Fiama must be able to breath out of her ears, lol.

Ghiaccio became the lucky man as Fiama and Slick started working on his cock. Danni, in the meantime, pulled out some of her favorite toys and I helped her with a little tossed salad. (Oh, just go look it up if you don't get it, lol).

It was almost 4am now (yep 7 hours baby) and we were finally all spent. We all kissed goodnight, fell asleep in various areas of the house...moved very slowly in the morning after a few hours of sleep and told each other that we would see them at Virginia Friends for the "Prom".

Ya gotta love house parties...and friends who are "fuck first"!

P.S. Bear with us...we're slowly, but surely, trying to catch up on our much sex and so little time to write about it all. We're still 2 parties behind!


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