Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back to School was NEVER like this!

It was a Virginia Friends weekend, with Friday night being back-to-school theme night.

We had been contacted online by a sexy couple a few weeks ago. They had been reading our blog, said hi to us on yahoo and directed us to their own blog and AFF profile (and we're happy to recommend: kinkycpl6973). We knew right away that we wanted to meet these two hotties.

We met for dinner with ICLCW (Insatiable Cum-Loving Cock Whore) and Tom around 8pm at Hooter's and while we were there, our old friends L&M (see July party post) showed up. ICLCW got hit on by our hot little waitress with great "hooters", as the waitress kept rubbing her tits onto ICLCW. ICLCW swore those tits were real, even though they looked too good to be natural. We wrapped up dinner, and unfortunately, L&M ended up going home as the rest of us headed back to the hotel.

We ended up getting to the party after 10:30pm. Danni and ICLCW were both wearing their naughty school girl outfits, plaid skirts and all. ICLCW was wearing a bra and panties and we explained how much of a fashion faux pas that was at a swinger's social. Fortunately, after a while, we convinced her to get more in line with the group attire. Danni was able to get her bra off with one hand, a FIRST for her, and she was so proud.

There were lots of our regular friends at the party. We had lots of groping from everyone. Always nice to get back to town!

At one point, Danni was in the bathroom and Tom and I had ICLCW sandwiched against the wall. ICLCW likes it pretty rough (boy, is that an understatement), so I was yanking on her nipples pretty hard. She challenged me to pull harder, and I did my best to be rough. Danni's not into rough play, so this was pretty foreign to me, but I always try to please a lady the best I can. Danni returned to see the sandwich action and squeezed herself between the guys so that she could also get a piece of ICLCW.

The bar closed and we headed upstairs to our room with ICLCW and Tom, and we all quickly got naked. The girls started going at it on the bed. ICLCW was on Danni's pussy, just like a sucker fish. She defintitly knows what to do with girls. Tom and I got on board fairly soon, not having to wait very long.

The girls 69ed for a while with ICLCW on top. Danni's arms were pinned, so she wasn't able to give her best workout of ICLCW 's pussy, but she did her best. ICLCW took an occasional breather from Danni's pussy to suck on my cock, which was conveniently located near her face, lol. She does not suck cock like a former lesbian, which she is.

This was their first time as a couple with a girl (they'd done MFM before) so we took things at their pace as ICLCW was a little concerned about whether jealously might creep in. But Danni was, well, Danni! After a lot of girl-girl play, she got on her back, and Tom was quick to start fucking her. He must have been doing a great job, since Danni was squirting over and over again. I laid down and ICLCW hopped on top of my cock. The four of us were fucking for a while when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I was at the point of no return, so I was not in a position to answer the door. Neither was anyone else as Danni was now being fucked doggie style. The knocking persisted as I came hard and deep into ICLCW 's tight wet cunt, milking me for all she was worth...and she was worth a LOT!

I eventually gathered my wits, got up, kind of knowing who'd be at the door, and sure enough, it was Slick and Lucky Bastard. I advised LB not to rub up too close to me. I'm not sure if they could tell that my cock was freshly dripping cum and pussy juice.

Of course we invited them in, but they knew that we were with "fresh meat", so they were very respectful about not pushing themselves into the action. Tom had pulled out at that point and stood snuggling with ICLCW, so Danni moved over on the bed and started kissing Slick and undressing her. Danni pulled Slick down on top of her, and then Slick slid down to eat Danni's pussy. I noticed a sexy tanned ass staring up at me, so I just had to eat it. I moved the thong aside and began my tongue action. She seemed to enjoy it, since Danni was becoming the beneficiary of Slick's growing pleasure.

Slick made her standard Slick command "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME"!!! Now, I had just come a couple minutes prior to that, but I figured "what the hell", I'll give it a shot. It was a pretty weak-ass attempt as full recovery hadn't quite set in yet. I cried "uncle", but Slick wasn't going to be denied. So, she grabbed me and started sucking my cock, and then we flipped around and began some serious 69 action. Always wonderful to have Slick's pussy in my face.

LB was being pretty chill since he hadn't met ICLCW and Tom and wanted to be respectful, but once Slick and I were otherwise engaged, he grabbed Danni and started fucking her hard. According to LB's count, and pretty much confirmed by the flood on the bed, Danni squirted 4 times from LB's fucKING.

Once Slick and I were 69ing, it didn't take her very long to get me nice and hard again. She knew what she had accomplished, and took advantage by getting on her feet and lowering that wonderful pussy onto my waiting cock. Then, she began POWER FUCKING me. I warned her that if she broke it, she bought it, but that didn't dissuade her. She just needed to be fucked hard...or fuck me hard!

With me, my best fuck is the second one. The first one is usually easy for me to cum when I want, but certain sexy ladies have a knack for making me cum whether or not I want to (ladies, you know who you are!). And the third fuck usually requires some extra energy reserves that may or may not be there late into the night and can cause abrasions from fucking and fucking and taking too long to come... you know what I mean. But the second one, now that's JUST RIGHT. I usually can recover fairly easily from the first one and can stay hard a nice long time to be used however required. And, Slick certainly used my cock. Not that I had any complaints, lol.

Tom and ICLCW were clearly losing their "frest meat" label, and hopped back on the bed and started fucking. Danni and ICLCW were kissing as they were being fucked. LB blew his power load in Danni. Then ICLCW came over to Danni and asked if he'd come in her pussy. When she told her that yes, he had, ICLCW said she'd just wipe off the top layer and went right back into some serious pussy muching. Danni was a very happy girl.

Eventually, Slick and LB kissed us all goodnight. And I grabbed Danni for some personal-time fucking while ICLCW and Tom were also fucking. Danni doesn't think she got off her back the whole night (she's a REALLY happy girl, lol) More squirting, lots of splashing and an even wetter bed.

We finally finished up around 2am.

The bed was soaked and we had to sleep on soaked-through towels, which is pretty much the norm now. But damn, it was worth it.


Tomscockwhore said...

Oh boy was it ever worth it!! We had such a good time with you guys - can't wait to do it all over again, and again, and again, and again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like fun was had by all. WIsh we could have been there just to watch and learn.