Sunday, September 17, 2006

Virginia Friends - Jungle Luau Party in August, Danni is a Cock-Blocker

August's VA Friends Luau was a strange party. Let me tell you why...

We finally met a really HOTTT couple that we had chatted with on Swappernet for years. The F and Danni did some heavy, heavy making out in the bar. We had all really clicked! We all agreed that at the stroke of midnight, we would head straight to our room and get naked! Well, little Miss Danni is not a patient girl. After waiting a few minutes in our room for our new friends, Danni got naked and, well, you know the REST of the story!

Well, needless to say, our new friends were a no-show, and this was their last VAF party as they are moving out west. We found out the next day, that the F was having a hard time as her father was dying. She had just gotten a call (while we were leaving the bar) from her family that the end was near. Not a good "play" mood. We wish them well out west!

Saturday was an equally strange night. We met lots of new couples and had a great time in the bar area. In fact, one couple was at the Vegas Lifestyles Convention at the same time we were. We all agreed that we were really bummed that we hadn't hooked up in Vegas.

Danni went abso-fucking-lutely girl crazy in the party room on the 4th floor, fingering and eating pussy after pussy after pussy...some old friends (young and exotically beautiful) and some new ones. She ate pussy from chairs (that sweet young thang ended up cuming so hard, she fell to the floor). She ate pussy while it was sitting on her guy's lap. She ate pussy that was standing. She even ate pussy while dancing with it on the stripper pole.

Yes, Danni finally "did" the stripper pole. It must have been the tempting pussy (and you KNOW who you are with your sultry blonde, curly hair) that got her up on that pole. It was so HOTTT!

Danni really worked her magic on one tall gorgeous brunette with an awesome tan. It was their first party, and we're ashamed to say we don't remember their names. We will definitely look for them again, though. Danni even got back on the stripper pole with this hottie. And, the girls drew quite a crowd.

So why was this a strange party? Danni cock blocked B all night! Until we both went back to our room and fucked each other until we passed out.

There's always the VAF September "Prom" Party, and we have lots of "sure thing" friends cuming! Stay tuned.

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