Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And Prom was never like THIS! Plus enjoy our latest "Prom" in Pictures...

Ha! Ha! Just a teaser pic...read on...

We awoke groggily from the previous night's activities. Every time I moved, I got wet (from the squirt-soaked sheets), which didn't allow for great sleep.

After lunch at Chili's, we went shopping and got back to the hotel for a much-needed nap to get ready for the "Prom".

We had dinner again with ICLCW (Insatiable Cum-Loving Cock Whore), who we'll call CW or "Cock Whore" for short, and Tom as well as our old friends Oui Oui and Barney. We noticed on the way to the restaurant that CW was unusually quiet. She admitted there was a good reason. Tom had made her put in a butt plug, and it was simply driving her crazy (in a very good way!!) But apparently her butt plug keeps her mouth plugged, too; her entire focus had moved to her ass. LOL

Half-way through dinner, she had to finally beg Tom to be allowed (submissive, remember?) to remove the butt plug as it was really getting to her. Once the plug had been removed, she was able to talk as well. LOL I had the pleasure of sitting next to CW and had a great view of her wonderful tits as they were falling out of her shirt. I also was able to watch as Tom was working her cunt with his hand, hoping to make her cum at the table.

When we got back to the hotel, Oui Oui and Barney joined us in our room to change for tonight's theme, which was Prom Night - Enchantment Under the Sea. Danni put on a black satin corset that laced up the back, black fishent thigh-hi's, black patent stripper military-style boots and a black satin skirt with a crinoline (big, stiff see-through slip) underneath. When we saw what it looked like with JUST the crinoline, it was clear she was better off going with no skirt. It was clearly a good choice as she was groped all night...a very good thing.

We were pretty concerned when we showed up. The party felt like a typical work event with lawyers and accountants, all dressed up in suits/tuxes and vanilla dresses. This is normal work attire for me, so I had a hard time feeling the typical VAF vibe. Fortunately, that changed as the evening progressed. And, of course, all the women we tend to hang out with were wearing very sexy outfits (definitely not meant for a vanilla event). Of course, Danni danced and groped with ALL of the girls.

The party had a good crowd, and the VAF staff should be applauded for doing a great job with the party. Professional pictures were taken of the couples, and they even did a very professional "yearbook" with pictures from every party of the year. Congrats to the owners and staff of VAF. You guys are awesome!

We ended up going upstairs early, around 11pm, with Tom & CW and Oui Oui & Barney. CW and Tom went to their room to get some "equipment". While we waited, I undressed Oui Oui, sat her in a chair and took my time eating her wonderful pussy. "The Tongue" at work!

Tom and CW eventually got back to the room, a bag of equipment in hand. For quite a long time, Danni was with Tom and CW on a cushiony chair, while I was with Oui Oui and Barney on the bed.

Danni spent a good amount of time eating CW's pussy. She had mentioned to me earlier in the day that she didn't have enough time between her legs last night, and she hoped to make up for it tonight. Well, when Danni sets her mind to something, she's good at accomplishing her goal. Danni even left her black satin fingerless gloves on all night, too!

At one point, CW had turned the tables and started working Danni's pussy hard.

CW loves to be fisted. I had told her that I didnt' think Danni was capable of being fisted. Well, CW certainly tried to prove her point. She had all five fingers inside and just to the widest point of her hand. If she could only had gotten in a little further, she could have been wrist deep and then who knows how far she would have gone.

There was a lot of action between the three of them, pretty much every configuration you could come up with in a three-way. There was lots of moaning, splashing, eating, fingering, fucking and sucking. Danni thought it was really HOTTT when CW was eating and fingering Danni, then traded places with Tom so he could starting eating Danni.

As Danni was sucking on CW's titties, CW got in behind Tom and she was doing something to him (though Danni wasn't in a position to see that action). CW then got up and said to Tom, "you need to fuck her". She had clearly gotten past her potential concerns about swinging and jealousy. And, we're SO happy to have helped!

We learned earlier that CW had wanted to be watched by a group while Tom whipped her. We were all more than happy to be her audience. Tom told Danni that it was her job to make CW feel good after he smacked her. Danni found this very hot (though, don't ever try spanking Danni, she hits back, lol). Danni said she could feel the wind from the whipping as CW was being spanked ruthlessly, while she enjoyed licking and eating CW from behind..my pussy to ass and back again..to make her feel better!

While all this was going on, Oui Oui, Barney and I were all on the bed. I started by eating Oui Oui's pussy as she sucked Barney's cock. Then, the guys traded positions. Barney started fucking Oui Oui while she continued to suck me deeply. I then laid down and Oui Oui hopped on my cock and started fucking me hard while sucking Barney. A suggestion was made by Barney & Oui Oui to try out some DP (double penetration). She had never done it with two guys before (just Barney and a toy).

So, while I'm on my back and Oui Oui is fucking me, Barney gets behind her, and without any sort of man-made lube, rams his cock into her ass. DP takes a little bit of coordination with all parties. This night, things went great as we fucked her DP for a long time. As the guy fucking her pussy, my job is to pretty much remain nice and hard as the other guy fucks her ass. If both cocks are pounding her at the same time, it's likely that someone's gonna pop out, unless everyone is very well coordinated.

We find that when it comes to DP, typically the partner of the girl is the one fucking her ass, while the second guy (like me) gets the pussy. There are obvious reasons for this, since her partner will be much more familiar with how she likes her ass to be fucked. You're pretty safe as the new guy, when you're fucking the pussy, that you won't screw that up too bad. And with many, if not most couples, ass-fucking isn't something that people swap with too quickly (though, we know a few exceptions to this rule).

And no, guys, Danni has no interest in having two guys DP her. I've done her with a toy, and she's had two girls wear strap ons and DP her, but she doesn't want two guys doing that to her. Just one of her very few limits. P.S. we haven't had a girl wear a strap-on and join me in DP-ing Danni, so if you ladies are interested, just give us a shout! ;-)

So back to the story, we're fucking DP for quite a while. Danni has no clue what's going on as she's now gone "deaf, dumb and blind" from Tom and CW's workover. It wasn't until CW announced, "hey, they're doing DP", that Danni finally realized what we were doing.

After a while Oui Oui tells Barney to wash up, she wants TWO COCKS IN ONE HOLE. Barney asked if that was gonna work, and Oui Oui said that it would. During this whole time, I just laid back with my cock nice and hard while Oui Oui fucked me. Barney went off to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Important note: It's important, guys and girls, that if you're doing some anal, and want to go back to her pussy, wash up your cock well. If you don't, it's pretty likely you're gonna get some shit (literally) in her pussy and she's gonna have a bad reaction (like a bacterial or urinary tract infection). We learned that the hard way while we were first dating. We enjoyed "double dipping" as we called it, where I would fuck her pussy, then her ass, then her pussy and then her ass, back and forth every few strokes. Well, as hot as it was for both of us, and as much as we came from it, Danni always ended up with an infection. We were too stupid to realize the cause of it until her doctor asked her if something like that was happening. Now, whenever we do anal, I do take a good shower and soap up well to be nice and clean. We've had no problems ever since.

OK, so now Barny gets back to the bed. We'd been fucking for a while as he was cleaning up. Now, Oui Oui laid her body close to me so Barney could access her already filled up cunt. So I stopped moving and he shoved his cock into her. This scene didn't last very long as all three of us came fast and at the same time. I knew that I was going to come and didn't know about the other two, but everyone said they had also came.

I debated even writing about this due to the obvious "closeness" of the guys. But, as Danni retold the story over and over (she enjoyed telling "my" story), we found that all of our friends had already done "same hole DP" in one way, shape or form. And, the girls all thought it was great! You just can't be homophobic, and you need to just not think too deeply about the situation, lol.

I got up immediately to get cleaned up from a messy situation. Knowing that I was going to want more action, I was sure to get VERY cleaned up.

Oui Oui & Barney got dressed, and we kissed them goodbye after a great night. We can't wait to see them again soon.

Danni, CW and Tom came over to the bed with me. CW was on top of Danni kissing her as Tom started flogging CW, who was on all fours at this point. Tom gave me the flogger, which I've never used before. It took me a few swats to get used to it, since I didn't want to miss and hit his arm (he was fingering CW), or Danni's leg, which was under CW. As I ensured that my aim to her ass was good, I started smacking her harder and harder with it. Tom told me that if I was going to use the flogger on her, I better mean it. So, I started winding up and smacked her really hard over and over. Danni got first hand reports that CW was enjoying this trememdously. Danni told me later that the look on CW's face was sheer ecstacy as the fringed edge of the flogger flicked across her pussy.

At some point, the double-headed dildo came out and CW and Danni swallowed it up as quickly as they could.

The action was so HOTTT, I decided to shove my cock in Danni's mouth.

After the girls finally broke apart, CW came over to me and took a turn sucking my cock, quickly getting me hard again. At the same time, Danni started fucking Tom. Tom was on top of Danni, fucking like a champion. She was squirting all over the place, splashing everyone. CW got on all fours, and I started fucking her doggie style, occasionally giving her ass a good hard slap (I had practiced this on her often throughout the last 24 hours and finally figured out how hard to slap her). This was the long-lasting "fuck #2" (see last post), so I was giving her a nice hard and long pounding while smacking a very hot (and very red) ass.

The bed was (AGAIN) very soaked. When we were all done, the four of us ended up just laying on the bed talking for a while. Danni was fading fast, so CW and Tom kissed us goodnight.

I wasn't tired at all, so I ended up going down the hallway for a while to see what was going on. Things were pretty quiet and I ended up back in our room and on the laptop for a little while.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door (I kid you not, even though it seems alot like deva vu - a repeat of Friday night). I answered it and, yep you guessed it again, it was Slick and Lucky Bastard. I invited them in to show them a porno video that Danni had made for Slick for her birthday. Now Danni was completely passed out by this point, but I turned on "Slick Vision" for them to see.

As we started to watch, Slick was behind me while I sat in the chair at the desk. She began kissing my neck. I grabbed her nipples (she wasn't wearing much at this point, as you'd probably assumed) and I was pinching them hard (I was getting lots of practice being "rough" this weekend). Slick moved around and began giving me a lap dance. She then unzipped my shorts and pulled them down to reveal my hard cock. She got on her knees and began giving me an incredible, porn-worthy, Slick-a-licious blow job.

She deep throated me, I held her head all the way down and kept her there, just the way she likes it. Then, she was licking my cock like a corn cob. She'd suck my balls and licked the head of my cock. She continued over and over. LB just sat back and watched her work me. He's a helluva nice guy!

She started all of this within 5 minutes of the beginning of the video. I know the video lasted 25 minutes, and Slick didn't stop until the video was over. So, it was definitely a 20-minute blow job. If they had a Hall of Fame for BJs, this one would have been in it, hanging somewhere within the wing dedicated to Slick.

Before they left, Slick walked over to the bed where a fast asleep Danni laid, and Slick told her "I love you". Danni, in her groggy stupor, replied, "love me tomorrow". LOL You know that Danni is spent if she says that to Slick.

As you can see, this month's VAF was GREAT, our playmates were great and we can't wait to see everyone at the VAF party immediately following Halloween (we'll be at Desires during the Halloween party with lots of naughty tales to tell!).



tomhouston48 said...

Hi Tom from Houston here. I love your stories of your adventures. Like most guys my dick stays hard 90% of the time and your stories just help to keep it that way. Please say hi to Danni for me and Slam fuck her too for me. Wish I could be there. tomhouston48@yahoo.com if you wish to write me.

Anonymous said...

That was a great post. Wish we were there to share in the fun.

Tomscockwhore said...

Your stories about that night are just as good if not better than mine! I didn't know all the details of the fun you had with Oui Oui and Barney. I love the way you tell it. We are looking forward to more fun very very very soon!