Sunday, May 08, 2011

When I'm good

By Danni of Danni and B (BiF 1/2 of this lifestyle couple)

When I'm good, I'm bad. When I'm bad, I'm even better. Enjoyed quite the party with a few close "friends with benefits" ... and I love a picture post!

Getting ready for partying...some do it in natural sunshine, soaking up the our friend, Niagara:

Me? I'm an indoors girl...

Clubbing with other swingers, preferably in a bar with hot, counter-dancing waitresses is required afterparty prep... body shots, baby!

Sharing a heart-shaped jacuzzi with two studly cocks makes girls happy, happy, happy...that would be Niagara in the middle with Prince Albert on the right and her main squeeze, Optimus Prime, who came to the last house party. Glad I had a chance to play with him this time...devastating not only to Decepticons but to women everywhere! He graciously allowed me to cry uncle after some hard pounding. I think I like that cock ring...eBay, right? :-)

Grabbing and stroking those cocks, complete with a metal cock ring on one side and a Prince Albert piercing on the other can make a girl simply giddy with delight...

Then expert girl-girl pussy-licking from Danni (B taught me everything I know) with some chocolate-covered strawberries on the side can be extremely hot...

Optimus Prime and Niagara were fun to watch... shame the floor was so slippery from that girl! Careful! Slippery When Wet (which is all of the time)!

Our MILF in the room enjoyed a whole lotta Prince...

Shame I missed getting a pic of Prince bending MILF over the sink in front of the mirror, doing her doggie-style, and blowing his load all over her back. Not a sight I will soon forget, though. I may just have to masturbate to that visual later.

Getting a shot of the hotel bible while Onya and Ramone ("Da Bone") and MILF/Prince are all going at it hot and heavy...priceless!

I got to enjoy MILF later too as we canoodled when everyone else left.

Poor pussy should be tired ... but ... Next? B is hurrying home for a special hot booty call. Yowza!

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Burlington Ontario Swingers said...

Dannie, you are sexy. I would love to hitup a swinger party with you and get nuts!