Monday, May 02, 2011

Sexy Swinging Singles Inquire Within

Time for another “meet and greet” at a local bar and back to our place for naked fun!

As we walked down the street back to our place, a female figure came out from the shadows to greet Danni. Emerald – a lovely bi-fem who had joined us with her husband at a house party a while ago and played with Danni one-on-one on another occasion – surprised us all, pleasantly. She was in the neighborhood, saw us and had to say hello. Danni is not one to take “no” for an answer and dragged Emerald back to the Sex Palace South with our group.

A great group joined us, including some "new meat." Those coming back to our place included Charlotte (as a unicorn tonight), the infamous Lucky Bastard without the very hot MILF Slick (who was apparently making someone very happy elsewhere), NiceAss and Ringo, Niagara and we met her man for the first time, Coral and Copper, IronMan (new to the blog but not new to our parties or Danni) with his date IronWoman. And a sexy new MILF named Pixie whom we met a few months ago at a party hosted by Less(F) and More(M). Her husband couldn't make the party but was kind enough to let her break her Sex Palace South cherry alone. We definitely owe him a very big high-five!

As we got to our house, I happened to walk in our bedroom for a minute only to find my lovely Danni getting naked. Well, I'm no fool, and I was quickly naked on the bed beckoning her to suck my cock. Out of the bathroom appeared Pixie, and I invited her to come into the bedroom, too.

Without pause, she took over for Danni, her mouth quickly wrapped around my cock, expertly taking it in. Danni headed off to get the rest of the party started, since Pixie and I seemed to be in a good place.

Since Pixie's husband wasn't there, I won't go into too many details. Let me just say that she and I spent the better part of an hour and a half alone in Danni’s and my bed. She tasted great, felt great, and I loved pushing all of her buttons. I normally try not to cum with the first playmate at a party, since there are so many options waiting. But I broke my rule this time. Pixie really didn't give me much of a choice. She told me that she wanted me to cum for her and well, I like to fulfill requests.

Danni popped into the bedroom just as I was blowing my load deep into Pixie’s powerful pussy. She jumped onto the bed and kissed me lovingly. As I withdrew my still throbbing cock, dripping with cum, Danni dove between Pixie’s legs to give her yet another orgasm, this one with her wonderful tongue…all the while drinking in my cum.

Danni will summarize through pictures what was going on while I was busy, and then while I was recuperating. As you'll see, there was a lot of girl/girl action. Always a good thing.

Danni ended up donning her Barbie-pink strap-on to show IronWoman, a special bi-surprise for her, since this was her first house party. As Danni sat on the couch, she stroked her “cock” and teased IronWoman with the big, veined pink penis. With a twinkle in her eye and no pause at all, IronWoman jumped up on the couch, straddled Danni and lowered her wet pussy onto Danni’s “cock.”

The girls kissed, nibbled nipples and had a fucking good time all around!

IronWoman finally disengaged, dropping back on the couch into the waiting arms of IronMan, who had been enjoying the show.

Pixie, the ever-curious Sex Palace South newbie, wandered into Danni’s sex space. It took my Danni only a moment to grab Pixie, kiss her hard on the mouth, push her down onto the couch and proceed to shove that pink, lubed cock into Pixie’s pussy.

Later in the party, Danni grabbed me and forced me to fuck her despite my protests of being “done.” (I'm just sooo used!) However, it didn’t take her long to get me hard and to fuck her until I came deep in that velvet pussy!

I woke up early the next morning. Danni was still snoozing in our bedroom. Pixie, who had spent the night, came out into the living room, opened up my robe and began sucking my cock. She then hopped up onto my cock, bouncing expertly fucking me. After a few minutes, we ran to her bedroom and spent some more quality time together. I'm not normally much of a morning person, but Pixie changed that!

Later that morning after everyone had left, Danni went out to do some errands. Who would appear at our door but Charlotte, who had left early the night before? We went right over to the couch where she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. Yep. Off to the bedroom. She drained me fast. I then spent some special quality time eating and fingering her pussy. She exclaimed that I had healed her aching back by making it arch over and over again. Dr. B to the rescue! ;-)

My wonderful Danni finished up her errands and came home after Charlotte had left. She'd enjoyed a few glasses of wine with friends and was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy. We compared notes about the party –  which was pretty hot in and of itself – and suddenly I was hard again. I waved my hard cock at her, and Danni – the third girl on this day – got on her knees and worked my cock with her magic mouth. We ran off to a very used bedroom to wreck it, and us, just a little more......

From Danni-

What happened while B was sequestered in the bedroom with Pixie?

I can only add what I shared. And I had a blast!!!!

Ironman, one of my hot, young, studly boytoys, had brought a super sexy girltoy. She looked great in clothes and even better out of them. Dubbing her IronWoman was easy. Amazing!

I pulled the IronCouple into a bedroom, hoping for some hot three-way time with them. I was the IronThird, if only for a little while.

The three of us kissed, licked and entwined our limbs together on the bed. IronWoman and I shared IronMan’s cock. I enjoyed sucking his beautiful cock and suckling his balls with her, kissing all the while. Besides enjoying his cock in my mouth and my pussy, IronMan has an IronTongue. His fervent licking, sucking and fingering of my very wet pussy had me cuming hard. My screams obviously attracted attention from others in the house. At one point, I looked up from enjoying a very delicious “69” with IronWoman on top to see not one, not two, but three additional girls had joined us. IronMan was very popular.

The rest of the story I leave to our other house guests…

P.S. After reviewing our write-up before posting, I just noticed that this was the first party where a majority of our guests were single, either truly unmarried or married with a hall pass and playing single. I love it! Hence, the title of this post. :-)

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