Saturday, April 28, 2007

Virginia Friends was Leather and Lace Fetish weekend

This month at Virginia Friends was Leather and Lace weekend. We met A&C out at Hooters and then headed to the party. We saw a bunch of friends and teased all night. We then decided to take A&C upstairs. The girls had a little quality time, with Danni eating A’s pussy and then fisting her hard, while the guys watched. After Danni got A off, we headed to our room. We had invited a number of couples over and wanted to be available if they showed up.

Within a couple of minutes of getting to our room, DJ and Shelly knocked on the door. We were already naked, so they jumped in. I spent a long time eating Shelly’s pussy, making her cum and flood the bed. We flipped into a 69 position while Danni was fucking DJ. I then put Shelly on her back and started fucking her until she made me cum hard.

The next day, we spent the day traveling, and when we got back, around 8pm, we both agreed that we needed a nap. When we woke, around 11pm, Danni wasn’t feeling well and decided to call it a night without attending the party. I showered and decided to see what was happening on the party floor, although I always feel a little "creepy" as a single guy.

I saw a bunch of friends, chatted for a while and explained to everyone that Danni was sick. Barney and OuiOui wanted to go to their room to change and invited me to join them. (insert evil thoughts here) When we got to their room, OuiOui got naked, and both Barney and I had the same idea. We got her on the bed and both fed our cocks to her. She took turns sucking both of us for a long time.

Then, OuiOui got on top of me and started fucking me. Now, OuiOui has a magic pussy, and can make a man come on demand. We were considering DP’ing her, but that damn pussy had me coming like a 19 year old, and before we had a chance to really fill her up, I was all used up. OuiOui’s gotta stop being so sexy!

I considered seeing if there was any “trouble” to get into. I went back to our room to check on Danni. She was awake, lying in bed, so I decided to stay with her and see that she was OK.

It was a quieter than normal VAF weekend for us, but still a fun time. We should have more “energy” built up for the May party, lol.

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