Monday, April 16, 2007

The Sex Palace is moving....Grand finale party

That's right...we're moving to warmer weather! and soon!

But, have no fear...we're already looking for the perfect place to create "Sex Palace South". And, we will still be at VA Friends every month!

The Sex Palace is FOR SALE. If you or anyone you know of is looking for a "palace", give us a shout!

B and I were thrown a grand finale party by several friends (some old, some new and all just damn HOTTT). It was a blast! And, everyone already RSVP'ed for the house-warming party when we have the Sex Palace South ready for swinging.

The night was so, so VERY HOTTT that we actually lost track of who did who, when and where. So, you'll have to imagine for yourselves with the pictures we did eventually take. ;-)

B gets blown by Slick while V works on herself with her Decadent Indulgence vibe. (Danni and V have the DI in common as well as squirting!)

Slick gets flogged while everyone enjoys watching.

Consuela aka ElecktraLux (the ultimate "giver") gives Barney a massage on one end while Slick "massages" the other end.

View of Slick's gorgeous ass from the other end!

M swats that lovely Slick-A-Licious ass while Barney gets a BJ-extraordinaire!

B fingers V during 69 (we missed getting a pic of the toe-curling BJ finale she gave him...woo hoo!!)

Player: Consuela (who came with Carlos, among others LOL)...hey, you sexxxy bi-otch!

Player: V (with M)....yummy, yummy! See ya at VAF's Leather and Lace this weekend...

Player: Tiny (with TheMan)...a very sexy addition to our play pals! and they travel, too!

Tiny and theMan...Danni should have been tea-bagging this!

Player: TheMan (with Tiny)...Danni gave him his first "squirt" experience...and thanked him profusely for making her squirt.

Player: OuiOui (who came with Barney and B...and who else? hmmm...)...gorgeous titties, my dear!

And, in case you didn't notice, Danni missed being in any of the pics...guess she was busy. We'll leave you with this thought.... ah, we come! Stay tuned...

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