Monday, April 02, 2007

Jewels returned...

We’ve been holding Jewel’s necklace hostage for a few weeks now and threatened to torture it, if Jewel didn’t come over soon. Like a good necklace mother, she relented to the kidnappers and submitted to our demands.

Jewel planned on coming over to the Sex Palace around 8pm, but work was keeping her longer than planned. Danni, already very excited about seeing Jewel again, was busy testing out a new toy she got called an “OhMiBod”. I did my best not to get worked into her play, since I know what happens when we get going. (Danni promises more reviews on the OhMiBod later.)

Danni eventually got completely naked and hopped in the jacuzzi. Jewel soon knocked on the door, I kissed her with a "welcome back", and showed her straight to the Jacuzzi. Jewel immediately got naked and joined Danni, me following right behind.

We chatted and caught up a bit and soon decided that we all needed to head up to the bed.

Folks, let me tell you that seeing Danni and Jewel naked in bed together is simply a wonderful sight. And, being able to join them is even better. Jewel laid back on our love seat as Danni got between her legs and started eating her pussy. I offered my cock and she expertly began sucking me deeply.

We then moved to the bed. I laid back and both girls began sucking my cock. Jewel then moved up and lowered herself onto my waiting cock, giving all of us a great view of her tight pussy sliding up and down my hard shaft.

We eventually flipped around, and I started fucking Jewel from above. As the girls kissed and groped, I continued fucking Jewel. The scene was so hot that I was sweating profusely. A good sweat!

Danni then laid back, and Jewel began eating her wet pussy as I fucked her doggy style. I did everything I could to avoid coming, watching Jewel lick up Danni. I enjoyed working her from behind, holding onto that tight little ass.

I then moved down to eat Jewel and get a taste of her wonderful wetness. Eventually, we 69’d and Danni took turns at both ends of us, working me, then working Jewel.

Then Evil Danni came out to play, and she grabbed the DI (her favorite vibrating dildo) and started working Jewel’s pussy. Jewel laid back on top of me and clearly enjoyed the feeling as Danni worked her. I was rubbing her body and tits as she started cuming. Jewel’s body gets amazingly tight when she cums, and it’s just amazingly hot to watch and feel.

After relaxing from the orgasm, the girls noticed that I was still hard, and Jewel immediately popped her mouth on my cock. Jewel gives an amazing pornstar-quality blow job and it wasn’t long before my legs, and the whole bed were quivering, and I blew my load deep into her mouth. And she never spilled a drop ;-). Danni and Jewel exclaimed afterward that the shaking was just like the old style vibrating beds in cheap motels. (Now how do those girls know about those????)

Danni played with Jewel's nipples unmercifully, but alas she had to go home at some point. We eventually kissed goodnight, and Jewel reclaimed her necklace.

Little did she know that we had a new hostage. Cum again?


Brian said...


Great blog! I am one of the OhMiBod founders and just wanted to let you know that the splitter in your pic - should be plugged into the ipod :)

email me - i want to give you some comp'd product to give to your friends. :)

Anonymous said...

ummm - I want my panties back also :(

How about the Leather and Lace party???? Pretty please???????

Danni and B said...

Brian, aka OhmiBod guy...I'd luv to email you but you didn't leave one and your profile is not accessible. Email me!

xoxo, Danni

P.S. thnx for the tip on pluggin 'er in! ;-)

Danni and B said...

ok, somebody wants their panties back...and at the Leather & Lace Party.

well, you'll have to tell us who you are.

we have quite a collection of panties left now (here at the Sex Palace and in various other places of play LOL) and we can't carry them all....which ones do we bring?

xoxo, Danni (and B)

Cherrie said...

Having read this, I am trying to figure out how I hae missed this blog after all these months! You surely know how to party, and to tell the tale afterward! I'll certainly be back for more . . .

Anonymous said... are a naughty one. LOL! Seems like you like to take hostages :). MMMM...

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