Friday, April 06, 2007

Cleopatra and Caesar...a visit to the Sex Palace by royalty!

Cleo and Caesar are a very sexy couple that we’ve been trying to meet for a long time. We have mutual play friends (they met thanks to our "referral" LOL), so Cleo and Caesar "cum" highly recommended. Danni had met Cleo for lunch a few months ago, and the girls shared a very HOT kiss in the bathroom. (There’s still a debate as to who molested who). Ever since kissing Cleo, Danni has been lusting after her.

Fortunately, for us, some things recently changed, and they were now free to come to the Sex Palace on a Saturday night. Since the girls had already met, we skipped our normal requirement to have dinner out first, and invited them straight to the Palace.

They got here around 6:30, and we heated up some of our famous fare (Qdoba) and chatted around the table for a while. I was walking back downstairs from a trip to the bathroom when I found Danni and Cleo both topless and deeply kissing each other in the kitchen. Caesar was admiring the scene, and I just sat back and watched as well. These were two very sexy women.

Danni suggested that we all head to the Jacuzzi, and we did, everyone quickly getting naked and wet. The girls spent a good deal of time enjoying each other. I told Caesar that we really needed some water goggles to better see the action. There was clearly a lot of fingering, etc. going on under the water.

Each girl took a turn being lifted out of the water, and the 3 of us worked her over. Each girl ate the other’s pussy as the guys rubbed and sucked on their bodies.

Then, it was time to head to bed!

Danni and I were the first to get there, and Danni hopped straight onto my cock. Cleo and Caesar entered the bedroom, saw us fucking and quickly hopped on the bed. I grabbed the double-headed dildo, and the girls quickly became joined at the cunt.

As they fucked each other with the double-headed, Cleo sucked my cock, and Caesar enjoyed controlling the toy between them.

Eventually, the girls became disconnected, and Cleo began proving that she is a world class cock sucker. She worked my cock, until she forced me to come into her mouth. I was in heaven!

Danni was being worked with the Hitachi and sucking Ceasar’s horse of a cock. (Good thing I’m past the comparing / intimidation thing, yikes). Cleo eventually moved over and took control of Caesar’s cock, and Danni brought my cock back to life and sat on me. Cleo and Caesar had clearly gotten Danni all worked up, and it took almost no time for her to squirt all over my body, the splashing being heard by everyone.

While Cleo was taking a trip to the bathroom, I flipped Danni over and started fucking her hard doggy-style as she sucked Caesar’s cock. As Cleo re-entered the room, I came deep into Danni, Cleo wondering what she missed.

I was useless at this point, and Danni and Cleo both spent time giving special attention to that thing between Caesar’s legs that looks like a cock, only bigger. lol

After a bit, we all headed downstairs to the kitchen to get re-hydrated. As Danni and I were sitting at the table having a snack, Cleo was on her knees between Caesar’s legs, sucking him as he sat back in the couch and watched the high-def porn. He was a happy guy.

Watching Cleo giving a blow job was very hot, and I was hard again. I pointed this out to Danni, but she rolled her eyes and said she was "spent" and going upstairs to crash, but Cleo was welcome to it. Such a nice woman!

I moved over to the couch with my hard cock, though not nearly as “strong” after already cuming twice. Cleo sat on my cock and started riding me as Caesar stood in front of her and fed her his cock. We then switched positions, and Caesar sat down to be blown as I fucked Cleo from behind doggy style.

Eventually, we all cried uncle (OK, so I cried uncle). Cleo headed up to check on Danni and ended up lying in bed with her for a while, spooning and having girl talk, or so I’m told.

Everyone crashed and woke up early. We went to breakfast together before their long drive home. We invited them to an upcoming event and hope they’ll take us up on it. They, we and our play friends won’t regret it.

And, how sweet of Cleo to leave a little something guarantee a return visit.

P.S. They're hanging on our bed post now!

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