Sunday, June 26, 2005

VAF Short Shorts party

We've just gotten home from Virginia Friends. This is probably the best swinger party in Virginia and meets monthly in a hotel near Richmond.

The party starts in the hotel bar, which is closed off for the party. This is where you get to meet lots of sexy people from all walks of life. Some couples are complete newbies, never having done any sort of swinging and aren't really sure if it's for them or not.

Others, like us, are pretty much whores, and are ready to fuck.

At midnight, the party moves upstairs to a hallway that's reserved for VAF members. Pretty much anything is allowed there. There's food available, music playing, and a lot less clothing than downstairs. That's a good thing.

The night will end in a variety of ways. Some like orgies, others meet 2 on 2, and others just go back to their rooms and have great sex just between themselves.

Well, we got to the hotel really late on Friday. B had a work dinner thing and we weren't able to get to Richmond until 11. By the time we got checked in and unpacked, it was close to the end of the bar portion of the party, so we figured that we'd just check out the hallway action. Friday's are usually much more quiet than Saturday, but with the new hotel the party recently moved to, both nights seemed pretty packed.

We got undressed into our hallway attire. Danni wears close to nothing for the floor, she's not a shy girl. B usually throws on some silky sweats, the better to feel you with.

Well, we were set to go, when Danni got the idea to give B a little lap dance. That led to getting B hard. From there, Danni pulled out B's cock and started to suck it. Just teasingly at first, just to rev up our engines from a very long day of work. B then flipping Danni over and starting licking her pussy. Danni is nicely shaved, and B's long tongue went deep inside of her. It became clear that we weren't going to make it to the hallway.

So, what clothes we had on quickly came off and we started fucking and sucking. Danni handcuffed B, though there was nothing to be cuffed to, and then blindfolded him. Danni sat on B's face, pushing her dripping wet cunt onto his long thrusting tongue. After some more fucking, B asked Danni to sit her ass on B's cock, which Danni was more than happy to do. Danni loves anal, and her ass seems to be penetrated every night now, with something or other.

After some hot anal, B had to get out of the cuffs and lose the blindfold. We flipped Danni over doggie style and started fucking her with her pearl butterfly vibrator. But her ass had been so worked on earlier, and looked so tempting, that B just had to add a little double penetration to the action. He shoved his cock deep into that inviting ass with no resistance. Between the tight ass and the vibrator next to his cock, it took about 5 strokes to him to release his load deep up her ass. He fingered fucked her ass a bit more and then Danni cried out with one of her "guy" orgasms.

We soon passed out.

Saturday came too early, and we went to lunch at a local TGI Friday's. Chicken wings for B (he's just not a health nut) and we went off to the movies to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We both lusted after Angelina Jolie. We both give the movies thumbs up. Action, laughs, and a really hot chick, what's not to like.

We were back to the hotel in the afternoon. We lazed around a bit, trying to reserve energy for the nighttime festivities. Danni joined in on the newcomers session, giving her point of view for new couples. Some folks need to be friends first, others like us, don't. She gives the perspective of a very bi-sexual woman that just likes to fuck.

We headed to the party around 9ish, and mingled and chatted with lots of friends, some we've played with, others that we just met that night.

We were pleasantly surprised to see L (bi-f) and M (str8-m) at the party. They're a fun couple that we played with last year, and we hadn't seen them since. Turns out that they hadn't been to VAF since we all played. The girls, Danni and L, spent some time kissing and fondling each other, while B had a nice close up view, holding them both lovingly. We had hoped that we might have ended up the night with them, but they had come to the party with another couple (and their single f), so we suspect that they ended up leaving with them.

The bar was incredibly warm, so B left for our room around 1130 to take a shower. Nothing worse than being sweaty when you're flirting with naked girls. Danni got to the room around midnight, and we started fooling around, just like Friday night. We both had to just step back, we didn't want two nights to go by without even stepping into the hallway party.

So out in the hall we went. We have become accustomed to having a regular couple G (str8 M)and J (bi-f) that we would play with at most parties, and often others would join us. We also regularly make online plans prior to the party to meet a specific couple. Well, G and J seem to have taken "time off" from the lifestyle, and we hadn't preplanned anything with any particular couple. We talked to lots of couples, but Danni seemed to be hitting on the women that were not very bi. And Danni needs her pussy. Having a women that is a "little bi" just isn't going to cut it for Danni. After about a half hour in the hallway, we decided to just go back to the room and fuck each other. This would turn out to be the first party in our 2 years at VAF that we didn't have anyone join us in the bedroom.

Of course, our sex was great. We haven't mentioned it yet, but Danni is a squirter. And not just a dribble. Think about squeezing a 20 ounce bottle of water. No kidding. And last night she completely soaked the bed. She squirted maybe 10 different times, to the point where there was standing water on the sheets. It's fun to create, but not the best to sleep in. We ended up taking the comforter and flipping it upside down and sleeping on it. We always feel bad for housekeeping.

So we're home now, setting up this blog site, and resting up for D (bi-f) and M(str8-m), who are coming over tomorrow night. We just met them a couple of weeks ago, and had a great time introducing D into the world of bisexuality. She's overcome her shyness (well, she still got naked in the swing, so she's isn't that shy), and we're ready for round 2 tomorrow.

We'll let you know.